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Comic - Twilight's First Day #27

I don’t want to alarm you, little Twily, but there’s a living horse skellington inside you right now!

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There's a skellington, Jack.

Splut! There's a word I haven't seen in ages. Also, 'skellington.'
Starbat's avatar
How do you manage to make Every Single Page SO CUTE?  ^_^

Awesome work.  I love all the subtle canon references, and your effective use of detail.  :)
Arancaytar's avatar

Oh my god, that last panel was worth the two year wait in every way <3

DragonKingAlpha's avatar
Flash Fire: *Sigh*. Well that would explain why Twilight cringed when I bought a fish taco in Canterlot last summer. 
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Well, Twilight's sure the "hali-butt" of this joke.
BB-K's avatar
Yikes, way to embarrass herself.
peachwookiee's avatar
Twilight is trying so hard! It's adorable!
karkovice1's avatar
Was sent here by :iconestories: , who seems to like your comic. :)

I never knew griffons ate fish. :)

I'm guessing Twilight's eating CHEESE ravioli, and not Chef Boyardee's BEEF ravioli? =P
muffinshire's avatar
That was the idea behind this part - I reasoned that if the school employs a griffon, it would also have to cater for griffons. Given that Gisela is based on the sea eagle, she'd naturally be a fish-eater! I then imagined what Twilight's reaction to seeing a staff member eating meat would be, and the story naturally flowed from that.

And yes, Twi's ravioli is definitely vegetarian!
zariots's avatar
And today for your daily dose of "Filly Twi silliness"...
Randomreader-001's avatar
I'm not gonna lie. First time seeing a fish stripped down to the bone, or any animal for that matter, for the first time can be a bit unnerving.  ^_^; 
Midnite-Wolfe's avatar
It's back and better than ever! I didn't realize how much I missed filly Twilight freaking out
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Wait.. It's... it's... alive? It's alive?! IT'S ALIVE, THE COMIC LIVES ON HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously thought this was gone forever into the ether along with many of my other favorite pony comics. Glad to see it once again!
EmperorGrogar's avatar
Poor little Equine.
DoctorVorlon's avatar
Celestia's colon will be unleashing the power of the sun later on.
Randomreader-001's avatar
True, but at least she can breath now. XD
vaalhallan's avatar
Twilight, I love you
Kingfish999's avatar
wow its alive! one of the several comics i was i figured was dead but hoped would continue
CrystalLoveDraw14's avatar
I had this reaction when my aunt was making fish soup in kitchen and I walked in.

so many heads....
goldorakx69's avatar
this is the Future 4th Alicorn Princess? Well she a long way to become one, but right now......... poor twily her First Day is far from over!
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