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Comic - Twilight's First Day #25

The story continues! It's not just little Twi who is a disaster-magnet. And now we see why shy Moon Dancer held Twilight in such esteem in "Amending Fences".


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tails208's avatar
Lol twilight you have bad luck in your first day
Kyoshyu's avatar
Well, it wasn't her fault!
What about all the other times Twilight ? like casting a spell from Starswirl and changing everyponys destiny .Oh well we got a LOT of great songs in that episode 
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
Oh man I knew I shouldn't have read them all in one sitting. I hate running into in-progress comics...
verdigry's avatar
lol I know right
LunarDoll's avatar
eta-gamma-14's avatar
A hundred...more like two frikkin THOUSAND!!!! Get your facts straight, Moony!!
ALPHA301922's avatar
SparkTheDog's avatar
Precious cinnamon roll must be protected
Rising-Shine's avatar
haha, it wasn't my fault XD
JohnaMan's avatar
That is how you DON'T make soap.
Kaykayfeddes's avatar
how long tell the next one 
Rocherz's avatar
Senior Twilight does not approve.
MetalBrony87's avatar
"Focus next time on your project Moondancer!"
Moon Dancer, it's not polite to mention a lady's age. Plus, she's certainly not a hundred years old. (She's much older than that.)
Growlie26's avatar
Blame the pony sitting next to Twilight, she shouldn't be talking in class. 
Darkmage666's avatar
Ok, I can't wait for the next pages. This is as cute as IDW's MLP FiM issue 40 
ricochet321's avatar
Lol! this is getting cuter and cuter all the time, keep up the good work!
JoeBrony's avatar
Lovely chapter! :D
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