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Comic - Twilight's First Day #24

Filly Twi is back!

Apologies for the long delay between parts, but with a wedding to organise I don't have huge amounts of free time right now. However, the story continues, and after the day she's had so far, it's understandable that little Twilight is getting a bit jumpy!


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"Will somepony please take that beaker away from Lemon Hearts!"  Lemon Hearts' Head Stuck in a Beaker by Spyro4287 "Too Late!" 
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How’d she get her head stuck in there anyway?

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s05e12 'Amending Fences'

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LOL! That's a flask, not a beaker. The show got that detail wrong.

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...and they call the haunch a flank, semantics for a kid's show isn't important to Hasbro. C'est la vie..
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*Looking up haunch and flank in a dictionary.* Oh wow, you're right. HASBRO, YOU LIED TO ME.

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All they wanted was the rhyming of 'blank flank'. The 4-7 year old target audience would have to ask what 'gaunt haunch' meant.
OMG I am dying of laughter, why is it funny??
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I'm having trouble viewing the larger version, and it won't download so I can read it offline.
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Um were those two ponies in her panic hallucination dead? 
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Maybe, or K.Oed.
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A valid assumption 
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What's the difference between chemistry and alchemy...?
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the same as between Astronomy and astrology :P
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I really like how you're including so much from the show and comics!
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 Minuette and Lemon Hearts suddenly swap seats.
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So does Twinkleshine and Lyra.
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"Come on Twilight. A dorky pony like you suppose to know science." Facepalm
That's part of WHY she's so scared. She knows a thing or two about what science can do, and she's had a LOT of things go wrong today. 
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Oh, my that last panel was too buckin' cute
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The background in this page is brilliant. You made the whole classroom from a single flashback in an episode and the level of detail and accuracy is amazing.
You know, I should have asked before: what's so special about hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, yttrium, and molybdenum? Hydrogen and nitrogen are among my favorite elements, seeing as they're in so many things I need to live, but I really can't explain the other three.
I know you cheated on yttrium and molybdenum. Don't try to lie to me; I know you better than to buy that. Once we hit the d orbitals, I know there's not many elements you can place precisely.
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