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Comic - Twilight's First Day #22

Every good library should have a large fiction section, well-organised non-fiction, comfortable study areas, and a scary book torture chamber inhabited by a terrifying old grump.


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This guy probably sounds like Ed Asner.

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Old scythe blade paper guillotine.
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I love reading, but I could stand to take slightly better care of my books (I need more bookshelves in my room).
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Hi luv it! Twily is so cute in thisGIF My Little Pony - Jump Fluttershy is pretty cute Twilight sparkle Icon |FREE| MLP Twilight Sparkle (Nervous Smile) Plz Twilight Sparkle (doubtful) MLP EQA Twilight Sparkle Icon 
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Umm.... am I the only one wondering if the librarian has eyes... like at all?
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excuse me but is that the carpet design from The Shining??
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Definitely a large fiction section, preferably with a nice mix of kid, YA, and adult fiction (but honestly, I'm usually fine with the kids/YA fiction myself).
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Torturing books! *gasp* The fiend!
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as soon as i get go this one my phone won't zoom in
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~so bad my wifi is a shit~
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Too much of a nerd- i want this to be canon so bad. 
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Have you even seen the show? She already is
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I know XD

I was giving more of a congrats to muffinshire for how awesome this series is. And how'd I'd love to see, let's say, a mini series of this caliber. Its just that good in my humble opinion.
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I'm too much of a nerd, I love the carpet design!
Your doing the book restorer out of a job
also that's the fourth time Twilight been shushed.
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I simply cannot stand how perfectly well done this is. This is glorious. This is inspired. This is everything I wanted and more. I love this. Thank you.
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I wonder how many books in this library is fanfictions...
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I love the that you used the carpet style from the shining
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 twilight made a new friend that day
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