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Comic - Twilight's First Day #2

Breakfast race!

The overwhelming response to my first "test" comic about Twilight starting school has prompted me to continue the silliness. Oh, Twilight! Why must your excitement be so contagious?

I hope to continue the story, though I probably won't stick to a strict "joke at the end of every page" format as it progresses.


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Gonna call it now... that look on Shiny's face. He's pacing himself SO she can win. Probably won last time and figured "meh, it's her turn."
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awww its so cute ^_^
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I have a big brother he is 18. (correction comment)
lolly-creepypasta's avatar
awww Twili is soooo cute
Dakota-Darkwolf's avatar
aaaahh the headlines!  yes!
haruau's avatar
Yeah! Rainbow Dash is gonna get reviewed, and Derpy’s gonna go crazy and stock up on muffins!
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That sipping Shining is too cute!
sonicgail's avatar
RD made the canterlot herald
goldorakx69's avatar
hahaha lol and so cute
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We're mainly going to focus on the newspaper.
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A wise man once said, "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional"
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Muffin crisis deepens!

:iconderpyhoovespeekplz: :iconsaysplz: Are you calling me? Do you have muffins? They wrote there was a crisis; I need to stock up, but everypony is sold out!
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Another normal day in the Twilight estate
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I like to think this was Shining's answer: "There's no point being grownup if you can't be childish sometimes"
That is so me and my (little) brother...XD
ouransalchemistking's avatar
heheheh, the article twilight's dad is reading.
Which one, Rainbow's sonic boom or Pinkie's muffins?
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