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Comic - Twilight's First Day #18

"I'll take a lecture... and write notes about it!". Lighten up, little Twi - this is only your first day!

Panel 16 (Twilight pranking Shining Armor) in high resolution


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For a second I thought the yellow Pegasus b#&tc slap twilight until I realised that twilight just sneeze
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Did any of you guys see the stickers have all of Twilight’s friend’s cutie marks in there?

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Bumble, "And they call ME bumble!!"
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Is there a Death Note reference in the description???
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Taking notes montage! *eye of the tiger starts playing*
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That girls gonna hate her.
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it took me a little bit to try and figure out the pose of Shining Armor :p
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somebody tell me why this gurl looks like the unicorn filly version of my OC. XD
Was it her mother or Celestia who slipped the stickers in her bag?
The sign says "from your BBBFF". It was her brother, Shining Armor.
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Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. :i told you being the student to a griffon was stupid...BUT NOOOO! foxes are always wrong!
Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz :actually, a guy like you wasn't even smart enough to know a fox's diet...
Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. :i already know that
Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz :uhh...then why didn't you follow it
Emoticon: Breaks, haha I get it. :think about it:a fox eating a hedgehog that is like 4 years older then you and as big as you
purple pony beet red!
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Ahahahah, so cute! :D
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"I'll take a lecture... and write notes about it!"
I'll take this potato chip... and eat it!
Sorry, couldn't resist. I think you're doing really well with this comic. It'll be very interesting to see what Twi gets up to.
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I thought the same exact thing! XD
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Oh, now what to call the yellow one...Honey Buzz?
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I eventually settled on the name "Bumble Breeze".
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I just noticed this, but Yellow Unicorn's face in panel 9...
If you look at the comic while zoomed out, she looks like she has a toothy, terrifyingly insane smirk on her face.
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Dissy: That's.........terrifying....
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Oh my god.... O_o
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He neighbor is all

"... the *fuck*?"

Hope she has a good sense of humor,
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