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Comic - Twilight's First Day #17

Some days can be so exasperating you either want to cry or laugh about it. Laughter is usually the better option.


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OMG, look at the mobile above Spike's crib!! :D
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Before the events even happened. Kinda weird. But cool.

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horse rolling stock 10 by HumbleBeez   Oh Tia, not your most flattering!

One way to get your ears pierced, Raven.
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Seriously. How did Celestia not see that given the Peripheral vision of ponies, who have their eyes on the sides of their heads?
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"At times like this, all you can do is laugh." --Marge Simpson.
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Also you made Celestia look ridicules without degrading her in any way. That's very impressive.
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I think she have fun 
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Muffinshire. Making celestia laught before it was cool.
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it's inkwell! from celesta's micro!
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I'm 17 pages in and in already demanding this to be canon.

Hasbro, make this canon!
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That's what I do after every chapter of this comic ;)
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Not that easy to laugh whenever you want when it comes to be royalty or some other high position
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Celestia's not afraid to have fun. The tea drinking scene in "A Bird In The Hoof" is a good example. She's been doing this for over 1000 years. She's tired of the formalities and traditions that separate her from her subjects. She wants to be just one of the girls. :)
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She wasn't supposed to be that old. Alicorns are normally given an extra fifty years or so to their lifespan upon transformation. But after the Nightmare Moon Duel, the Elements put the lives of both princess on hold. They would stay the same age for a full millennium until Luna came home. While some people would consider that long a lifetime to be a massive gift,  it proved to be a terrible curse for Celestia.
First her mother, Nova Eclipse, now Lunaria, and their father was long gone after a tragedy just before their birth. Luna was all she had left, but now Celestia had no choice but to adapt to living without the only one she had left.
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Let's not forget she invited the girls in the first GGG and DISCORD in the second one just for that reason.
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ponies you see the mobile above spikes crib? 4 jewels same as the cutie marks of 4 Princesses 
Common symbols in pony society.
Oh my gosh, I never noticed that before; that's so cool!  Well spotted!
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What we need is an episode about Celestia's life!
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I love this comic and I absolutely love that last panel!
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celestia:blushes u saw that
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I've seen horses rolling in the dirt playing , and Celestia looks just like that! with wings!
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