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Comic - Twilight's First Day #11

When you're born to fly, there's very little that will keep you grounded. Just be sure to plan your flights carefully.

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The A train leaves in five minutes
"And it was in that moment that Thuderlane realized, he bucked up."
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He obviously didn't think that through
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9 panell Twili is to tiny AWWWWW
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Going down is a lot easier than going up.
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*The Second to last panel* Wah waah waaah waaaaaaaah
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well um.... oops.
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His face though! Nice! xD
I am commenting wait does this count as spam?
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Mission accomplish, return back and... oh... wait
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I love that moment of realization in this comic. It's what makes this series so cute and funny
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When the NCOs say they got it handled, they got it handled!
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That face + facehoof = priceless.
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Good comment Twi. XD
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Dat face....priceless
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