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Comic - Twilight's First Day #10

Oh, Twilight, don't get a military pony telling you his war stories - he'll make you late for school!


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That "oh...shit" look from the adult is priceless
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Is it me or does Twilight bring out the 'inner child' in everyone?
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No I get that feeling too, plus I am wondering if maybe he has a family of his own seeing how naturally he dealt with the swamp monster incident earlier and now this, he doesn't strike me as one of those officious types or a career officer who got in because of money/connections. 
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ahahah he is funny ^ ^
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That last panel! These are Soo good!
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As a certain Leto cat would say. Embarrassing.
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Princess Celestia finally does something! (Joking I liked what you did with her saving him! :D)
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Well... this is awkward
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Oh wow. I've read this a number of times. But this is the first time I noticed that the Squadron Leader was Celestia's assistant.
Is it just me, or is the mare in the last two panels the same one who was Celestia's secretary in the story?
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Yep! I named her "Savior Faire". It'll probably never come up in the longer story, but she was just a diplomat working for Princess Celestia, and because she felt so powerless in the face of the griffon attack she decided to join the Equestrian military and become an airship pilot. So she becomes a unicorn who can fly, while in the same incident Thunderhead becomes a pegasus who cannot fly.
How many others spotted that if I may ask?
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A few people have spotted it. They also guessed (correctly) that Savoir Faire and Thunderhead are married. Yes, I really do put quite a bit of thought into characters' back stories!
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Awww, they're married! :D I freaking love these comics, that's a nice trivia :3
I feel clever now, now get the next chapter out alreadyRainbow Dash (Determined look) Plz 
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the cuteness... it's... too much...
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Thank you for making Celestia look like a total boss!
you make it sound hard...
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Only in so much as people forget how awesome she is since she's not allowed to show off in the show.
hmmm well I cant really argue with that...
enthusiasm is contagious...
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No one can resist the power of filly Twilight. No one.
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wait, a luna and celestia hairpin before luna even came back?
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