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Comic - Twilight's First Day #1

I've been toying with the idea of doing some MLP comics, and been dithering back and forth between doing standalone joke-based stuff or a more narrative-based series. This, anyway, is the result, which lays the groundwork for what could be expanded into an ongoing story if I decide to do so.

By the way, as this has come up several times in the comments, Twilight already having her cutie mark is consistent with the show - she earned it during the entrance exam that got her into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, as depicted in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", not on her first day.

Update: This comic has become far and away my most-viewed piece to date. Thanks to KeinZantezuken for posting it on his/her Tumblr, leading to it being reblogged in numerous other places including the popular Ask the Crusaders Tumblr which kicked off the first major rush of views, and to Equestria Daily for featuring it in one of their regular comic posts. Within a couple more hours it really exploded, popping up on Reddit, Funnyjunk, and even reaching fourth position in deviantART's "most popular in the last 24 hours" listing at one point (and #1 in the fan art section)! The power of filly Twilight is mighty! Seriously, thanks to everyone who helped draw so much attention to this comic.


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I love this hehe the way Shining just joins her.

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Hello my name is Enrique ZX I would like to know if I give your permission to translate your comic into Spanish because I really like the history of it and I would like to be able to translate it into Spanish but first I ask why you own it and if you gave me the permission to do so I would be very happy to make it obvious I would give the credits to you and leave a link to your profile and the original comic wish you could answer me soon greetings from mexico

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This comic is just adorable

Fluttershy Vector - 25

Well done.

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Twilight is very excited looks like she is full of beans

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Hahaha! I looovvee iiitt! So good.

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can i do translate on this comic? i love it ⊙ω⊙

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Me: (to twilight velvet in response to the last panel) you were saying Professor 👩‍🏫 🧐

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Jesus... they made this comic to real when you have children
Hilarious and cute. Great MLP comic.
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Ha!! This is both cute and funny!!
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Thank goodness they aren't Earth Ponies. . the bed wouldn't survive the bouncing.
this needs to be animated.
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If liking was possible it would’ve liked this comment! :D
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Oh, godness...This is so...Funny x'D
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srsly, why would shiny do that?
And I do love animals
I've barely have watched mop but I have to admit they are cute
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XD, that reassembles me when I was a kid sooo f&king much!
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Welp... Twilight Velvet (a.k.a. Twilight Sparkle #1) you gave your daughter the idea... Luna icon 
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YES! This is wonderful!
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