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Queen Across the Water

(deviantART why did you submit this without the title and description I just gave you
this new submit page really doesn't agree with my interenet connection)

When nothing is happening at work I draw fanart.

I like the white lion skin Dany has in the books.o/

on tumblr: [link]
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Ha, she's so cute!
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I love that she's not as powerful looking as most people draw her. Great choice
MMyw's avatar
I Like it ^^
MissMurder1243's avatar
This is perfect! Not enough people draw Danny her like this. To me it makes only sense to do so since it's in the books.
muffinpoodle's avatar
Thank you! You mean with the lion skin?
MissMurder1243's avatar
Mhmmm yeah! It's the cutest thing ever :3
Eeba-ism's avatar

aahhhhh actually honestly crying a bit

her face

her wee face

I love Dany in the books -- you've perfectly depicted those moments of weakness she (rarely) allows herself.. and she always does put her lion skin to make her feel better, hey :'c
muffinpoodle's avatar
Awwww ;3;

Yeah, reminds her of her khal :'c Thank you so much!
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B'awww....I love the white lion skin too. Fuck I just love all of the books :P

Dany looks cute and adorable under that skin. Makes ya want to cuddle her
muffinpoodle's avatar
Thanks! Yeah...she needs a nice warm hug from something other than a dead cat. Cuddles, your Khaleesi demands it!
Paintzeebrush's avatar
Yeah :( Hell there are a lot of characters that need some good cuddles lol
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