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Balanced Character Score Card



I made a meme. Because. I wanted to use it. I know there are ones out there like it, but it’s always good to throw in a few more options, right?

This is not a definitive guide to creating a well-rounded character. Let’s just get that out of the way early. Ultimately you have to be your own judge when it comes to how well-balanced your characters are.

If you feel there is any way I can improve on this meme, feel free to tell me about it. I’m a balanced character myself, which means I can’t make everything perfect! q: If I’ve made any oversights or put in something stupid, let me know, by all means.

And now for some Q&A with points I anticipate may cause confusion.

Does ‘positively balanced’ mean it’s better than ‘negatively balanced’?
Not necessarily. ‘Positive’ here simply refers to ‘strong’ (not necessarily good or better) character traits and acts as the opposite extreme to ‘negative’. Somewhere near to a perfect balance (60 points) is usually the best point to aim for.

Is it really bad if my character scores as very positively/negatively balanced (unbalanced)?
Again, not necessarily. Like I said, this isn’t a definitive guide to character creation. Just how perfectly balanced your character should be depends on a great many things, such as the kind of story universe they are in and what role they play in the story.

When is it really inappropriate to have a character score as unbalanced?
Generally, your story’s main character should be a near-perfect balance. If a main character sits at either extreme on the scales they can easily become boring or unpleasant to get to know. Secondary characters don’t need to be as perfect a balance, necessarily, but you should avoid the extremes with them as well for the same reason. Basically, the stronger a character’s presence is in the story, the closer to a perfect balance they should probably be.

Is it different for roleplay characters?
Yeah, the waters get murkier here. Depending on how your fellow roleplayers feel, it may be okay to tip the scales to a positive or especially a negative extreme. If your roleplay character is very positively balanced, they may be viewed as a Mary Sue, which aren’t accepted in many roleplaying communities, but there are definitely exceptions to that all over the place. Most of the time, unless your character is a creature of pure good or evil, it’s safer to treat them as your personal main character and keep them balanced.

What does that word mean?
Erm, you should probably try a dictionary for that one, you’ll get a quicker response. Sorry, I really like fancy adjectives. It’s a problem. T:

Can I use this? Can I edit the colours and draw wacky pictures all over it?
Go for your life, no need to ask. And sure. q:
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