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XME Epoch Entry- Golden Boy

:above: Entry for this month's 'Epoch' X Men Evo Contest over at :iconevo-obsessed-club: :above:

Toad here is rendered as a traditional 'Kappa' ( Directly translated from 河童 as "river-child" ) , a japanese water demon.

( Wiki article of the day is here , if you're curious ---> [link](folklore) )

:work: In the legends , they were usually depicted as short, turtle or frog-like humanoids with the universal trait of a hollow plate on their heads , to hold water for breathing on land .

And It was said if you brought a stranded spirit water, he would serve you for all eternity ;)

They were prankster types , sort of like goblins or fairy folk in more western mythology , but there are also some less than flattering rumors of drownings ( from those people unfortunate enough to challenge them to swamp wrestling ) , as well as half-bred aquatic children from women who'd lost their way in the woods for too long ...Unfortunately , however , none tended to survive too long after birth :(

:bulletgreen: CONSTRUCTION NOTES :bulletgreen:

Medium is a mix of Acrylic liquids and water colored pencils as always.

:no::no: I'm sorry about the obvious negative space , but I ran short of time , even pulling an all-nighter , and had to compromise on properly blending the body or the backround -- and the latter wouldn't make much sense . None the less though , I hope you like the colors this time . I SO missed doing it .
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wow I love the colors and shadows on it :D
good luck! :D
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:blowkiss: I wouldn't count on it , but thanks anyway ...