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Actions Clyck 003

By muffim-clyck
Actions By Muffim Clyck
© 2008 - 2021 muffim-clyck
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The actions and the effect is really good..Thanks for the share.
Nice, very nice. Thank you. :)
how do we download the .atn files?
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Thanks for sharing your amazing free actions with us. We have showcased your amazing Photoshop actions in my roundup and I hope that you will like them. To download these action people will visit your page, So you can get full credits.

500+ Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers.

how do we download the .atn files?
I don't know why the others are thanking, but the actions simply cannot work without the presets located on your computer. Like that: C : \ A r q u i v o s d e p r o g r a m a s \ A d o b e \ A d o b e P h o t o s h o p C S 2 \ P r e d e f i n i з х e s \ C o l o r i z a з х e s \ b y m e 2 1 4 . a s v
To make them work without that files just drag a curve in the created adjustment layer and watch out for any links to local files in action steps, there shouldn't be any.
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thanks it is good
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Awesome work. Thank you <3
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WOW, great actions :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Hermoso! Lo voy a descargar eso es seguro ^^
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for some reason the actions don't work.. or.. at least don't do what they should do. i tried it with the originals and.. yeah. :(
Thank you very much
Thanks very much for sharing, greatly appreciated
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Hi, The link is break :(
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arrasou com essa action!
parabens pela iniciativa flor!
baixei ela
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Thanks :)

Found via [link]
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