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Like many writers, I've got a few things I've always hoped to accomplish.  Nothing major; just things like getting a DT story onto EQD or at the top of's feature box. A bit after "Flight to the Finish" aired, I was browsing a thread on FimFic about cute pictures of shipping pairs.  One of the pictures posted was of DT kissing Scootaloo.  Between that and FttF, I had an idea: What if DT decided upon a slightly different idea of how to mess with the Crusaders' heads? I started writing it, not exactly sure what it should be.  In flip-flopped between silliness and a more serious take.  Eventually, it settled on the more serious route
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Happy holidays to all.  And thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday last month :) As I sit here writing this, a few flakes of snow drift down outside, a gentle yet mocking reminder from nature that I really should finish my editing pass on First Snow so I can re-submit it to EQD.  Instead of doing that, I'm typing this journal entry, because it's been a while since the last one.  With the holidays upon us, not likely to write an update before next year if I don't get it done now.  Gotta love holidays.  Yesterday celebrated Sinter Klaas with the family.  Two days late, but the weekend means everyone can gather.  Good food, good com
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Just finished editing Improving Skills #22 for ~BCRich40 (, so figured I'd take the time to write another status update. Currently working on "An Earth Pony Thing", a short story about Alula and Diamond Tiara.  I think that many of us, when it comes to picking a pony race, tend to overlook earth ponies.  I understand why it happens.  Pegasi can fly.  Unicorns have magic.  Both these things are always useful, if only to fly over a puddle or not have to get up for the remote.  Earth ponies, well, they grow plants.  That's great if you like gardening and all, but if you don't, then it seems like they get nothing from the deal.  But that tend
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Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
You write stories?
Yup, when the mood strikes me.
I've written a few
Yup, noticed that.  One suggestion: you should only have a single speaker per paragraph.  Helps avoid potential confusion for your readers. ;)