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Bald Cap Tute

What it says on the tin! Tutorial explaining how to make your own latex bald cap.
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Edit: haha typos. Oops. 

As seen here: 
Aang and Momo by BlackRabbitArtisan

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Do you have any tips on applying a bald cap? c:
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We watched quite a few different youtube tutorials, like this one:… (there are others too, just do a search for bald cap tutorial)
I'd recommend slicking your hair back and letting it dry before applying the cap. Any dampness will show on the cap, and you will already sweat under there, you don't want to add any more moisture! 
Be careful not to overstretch the bald cap; you do need to stretch it a bit to be rid of any wrinkles, but overstretching will cause it to tear.