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Judo throw

My friend (same author that sketched the gator) drew this for a poster/T-shirt design for my judo team. Awesome artist.
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hey this happens to be my favorite technique.
Blue belt judoka
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Isnt it cata-garoma or something like that??
Someone at my judo class landed this throw on me the other day. Damn it sucks when someone hits you with a throw that looks so awesome.

Awesome sketch!
Nice i do judo what belt r u???
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katagaruma.. nice drawing! Uchi Mata is my favorite throw though.
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Awesome. Your friend's art skills are far better than my storytelling skills, if such comparison can be made (I can whoop most of my professional colleagues at telling parables, so your friend is no small artist).
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katagaruma, love the drawin ;D
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Now Kataguruma is ANSOKUMAKE
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If you don't grab the leg, it is still availlable. the thing with Kataguruma is when you hold the other judoka by his trours or legs. ANd you can still make a combination with other throws, like ippon seionage.
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Nice drawing, never ever saw judo drawed like this before!
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personalli, i dont like the throw, but amazing drawing!
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wow this is really great
Wow, that's super. Kata Garuma.
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nice...kata-guruma and morote-sionage are my favorite throw
I did judo for a couple years. I was never very good though! XD
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Oh and featured here.
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I wish my judo team had an artist mascot like yours seems to! ;) Awesome pic! :)
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Oh that is great!! ^__^ i love the shading!! :clap:
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thanks. here's the author's myspace page -> [link]
you should let him know, because I certainly can't take credit.
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katagoruma nice throw. and also hella good drawing. dude u got it
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thanks. can't take credit for it though... it's a friend's drawing
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whom ever did this, very nice work!
i love judo, me being a karateka with a sensei of MMA use judo throws quite a bit!
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