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Sky-High (free .PSD files!)



.:Bullet:. Patreon ~Free~ Photoshop steps/final files (and high-res steps/final images) of this artwork are up on my Patreon, where I regularly upload big freebie packages that I hope you enjoy!!
 Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4]  

[Closeup] - Sky-High (it's Charit!) (Free .PSDs!) by muddymelly 

^ This tiny blob is my original character, Charit, a digital girl born to cheer you on! She's always in your corner! 💖 She's floating next to really blobby birds (birbs? borbs? What's your favorite way to refer to round birds? 🥰) 

[Steps] - Sky-High (free .PSD files!) by muddymelly Pink Heart Icon

Please do lemme know if the steps are too blurry!!

Crisp and much larger steps are in your free Patreon package that everyone can freely download!

In titling this piece, I was reminded of a movie that my sisses and I haven't yet seen... Has anyone seen the Disney live-action film Sky-High (about superhero children?) (Despite existing in the U.S. since birth, I only first heard about when a netizen compared its cast to that of our beloved Boku No Hero Academia [My Hero Academia]... I'm even more behind the times than I feared I was!) 💦💦
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(Oh my God, 'borbs'! I've never seen that before, I'm using that to refer to round birbs now!)
This is so pretty!The lighting looks amazing, and I love how Charit is just flying up with the birbs! The clouds look incredible, they appear shaped and more real, which I think I rarely see and I love that! The rays of light, shining down and lighting up Charit and the water below gives a beautiful touch to the picture, and I love the glow across the horizon!
Charit looks amazing!  She's so pretty, and I love how much detail there is on her. Her hair, eyes, outfit, all look really good.
And of course, the borbs (love that word now) flying about, the ones around Charit lighting up with the light on them, and the more shadowy birbs around the surface of the water.

I love this picture so much! It's so pretty!