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Raphtalia! (Free .PSD!)



Edit on December 10th, 2016: rotated Do a Barrel roll  the canvas - and edited Raphtalia's ears/body! Free Photoshop file of before/after:…

[Close-Up] Raphtalia! by muddymelly  [Steps] Raphtalia! by muddymelly 
^ A close-up and steps for you darling folk! kaomoji set 2 18/67 (My FacebookTumblr, and Twitter are here; I'd be very honored to connect with you! 💖)

m(_ _)m .:Bullet:. Patreon  Huge Photoshop (final and progress) files of this piece (and "thank you" gifts) are here on my Patreon; my free Photoshop files are here! 

kaomoji set 1 18/19 (If you'd like to get a print of any of my pieces, I'll soon be opening up a print store with affordable prices!) 

After a super long time of me not posting (thank you so much for being super patient with me,) here is a piece of the very warm-hearted demi-human Raphtalia (from the fantastical web novel/light novel/manga series, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari [“The Rising of the Shield Hero!”] She has the cutest round tanuki ears (that resemble a cat's!) and bushy tail, which I hope to draw better next time!! The ring-thing in Raphtalia’s right hand is one of her metal slave cuffs. (As a young slave, Raphtalia had suffered horribly for years at the hands of her previous owner, but feels real pride in being a capable swordswoman for her new master, the grumpy-but-kind-hearted Naofumi. Her many lovely outfit redesigns always include her slave cuffs that she wears proudly.) 
I find myself typing and re-typing spoilers as I try to spin up a character description of the graciously kind (and badass) Raphtalia and the series! I’m forever bubbling over with spoilers...
I think the best way to describe this uniquely interesting series would be [to use my shoddy memory to paraphrase] in the words of my beloved younger sis’, who recommended it to me:
  • Tate no Yuusha vividly chronicles the innovative solutions of an ordinary Japanese university student (a young man named Naofumi) thrust into a sprawling and socially complex fantasy MMO-esque world -- where he learns he’s been summoned to be the Hero of the Shield. 
  • The drawbacks of Naofumi's incredible new life situation include (1) royalty conspiring against him (inducing the whole kingdom to unfairly despise him,) and (2) he cannot equip/hold any weapon - except for his shield (firmly attached to his wrist.) He's almost immediately badly betrayed! 
  • Being forced to use only a shield (that cannot be thrown like a boomerang/Captain America's shield) leads to fascinating inventiveness in the face of formidable enemies and surviving a hostile fantasy land. 
  • Even with his innovations, Naofumi still needs someone to join his 1-man team who can fight... After Naofumi uses his few hard-earned funds to purchase the heavily-abused Raphtalia from a slave trader, the generally-cold-but-good-hearted Naofumi (grumpily) feeds, nurtures, trains, clothes, and medicates a grateful Raphtalia, who swears she’ll be his sword and to fight for him.
  • Naofumi continues to be grumpy/cold for some time. 
  • Understandably, it takes a lot for this guy to trust a fellow.
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Man, i have to say this, when I first saw that artwork, tears dropped, idk why, is just... Perfect thank you, thank you so much 🙂 u have no idea how important this is for me, if i could, i would spear all my money into your arts, just, thank you 🛐