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One For All | All Might/Toshinori Yagi

Character  ALL MIGHT
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"The reason I laugh is to deceive myself and distract from the pressure and terror that dwells within me."

"The Symbol of Peace exists for the people, heroes, and villains alike, lighting fires in their hearts without end." 

- All Might/Toshinori Yagi

Dear y'all!! Y'all make me want to go beyond... Y'all are so plus ultra!!!! Thank you so very, very much for looking! kaomoji set 2 43/67 I'm so sorry for not responding to everyone (we were visiting family in China, are now moving house in Georgia, are prepping for cons, are catching up on work... and I have been strangely super lethargic and oversleeping despite no jetlag and feel absolutely awful for not getting back to everyone for an extremely long time!) kaomoji set 2 55/67... 

My July Patreon rewards include the .PSDs and files of this All Might fan art, all my Photoshop brushes plus tool presets, and bonus Tokyo Ghoul goodies; you can look at everything here! Please lemme know if you'd like any of my Patreon files for free! I'd be very happy to give them to you! 

Dear y'all, when I saw our number one hero, All Might, for the very first time, I completely misunderstood his personality! 💦💦💦 I saw a vibrantly colored All Might looming over Midoriya Izuku in a poster ad for Boku no Hero Academia and read the tagline text, which was sparse and said something like "Izuku finally gets to attend the heroic high school of his dreams, but when he meets his idol, he learns the shattering truth...!?"

━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━!!  kaomoji set 1 10/19 

I totally thought that tagline purported that Izuku's much-idolized and seemingly mirthful All Might would have a treacherous side. 💦 As usual, I was so, so wrong! The lovingly written character of All Might is truly the extremely empathetic Pillar of Peace. He feels a sweeping amount of highly relatable feelings and fears... He just cares so much about everyone!! (T/////T) 

Also... Dear y'all, before I read any of the manga chapters or watched complete anime episodes... I misunderstood All Might yet again! D'oh! 

After seeing a snippet of this scene in Japanese, I seriously thought All Might needed to constantly drink a soda resembling olive-colored Mountain Dew in order to retain his muscular form, but he accidentally lost all his soda bottles so he couldn't immediately rescue Katsuki Bakugō from the sludge villain. "If only he could get more soda from the convenience store," I thought. "It's great that the drink he needs can be easily bought as long as he can get to a corner store in time."  

*Covers face...* My understanding of this wonderful series' plot was so crude!! kaomoji set 2 55/67 

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god damn badass

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This is simply amazing. i love it. Simply stunning work.

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Your style is spectacular!!! :0

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I really found your first impressions about All Might funny! You'reee wweeeirrddd  Laugh LOL  (in a good way)

This fanart is superb! Who knows how much time you spend drawing this! So good! <3
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I love All Might.  I love the color treatment here. 
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The amount of work in this is insane. I wouldn't know where to start. Amazing job! :clap:

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whaaaat!? did you make this one!!!? I freaking love it! :love:

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I've seen this round the net but didn't know you were the one whom made it till now
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This Q.Q bwochwohwoifhrworihf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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This is honestly so beautiful! Love the artsyle, the lighting, the vivid colors... Welp, I think I found my next desktop wallpaper :3
is this your quirk .... i dont believe normal person can do this . omfg : ( KILLLLL MEEEEE 
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This is absolutely amazing!!! I love your style! It's different and very intruiging! 

If I may ask, would you ever consider doing one of Todoroki from BNHA????
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Is it even legal to make something this amazing?
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This is fantastic I'm actually emotional looking at this
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Your art is so great. So much talent in this work its truly inspiring.
This is amazing!
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God, I love your use of color! 
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Would you ever consider selling this as a print I would totally buy one and hang it on my wall!!!!! YOUR WORK IS SO AMAZING 
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Still such a lovely piece :D  It was great getting to see you at Detour :D
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One of my personal favorites of your work, Absolutely astonishing :)
Can you make one with deku and all might
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amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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