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Daily Deviation

October 5, 2011
Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You is a dazzling celestial illustration by *muddymelly.
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Suggested by LoveLinhdor
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Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You

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Since many have kindly written to ask, if you would like to use this piece of artwork in the background of a YouTube music video, please go ahead! I'd be grateful if you would please provide a link back to this piece if possible

[ EDIT ] - Oct. 11, 2011

WAO!!!! A Daily Deviation!?!?! Everyone!!! Thank you so much for your incredibly undeserved support... :MASSIVE HUG: Q____Q///. I see y'all left so many sweet comments that just rocket me up into the air. >________< THANK YOU... :happycry: x 10,000. I'll try my lazy-butt best to write everyone back!! Please know that if I ever do get to see y'all in real life I want to give you the HUGEST hug ever, especially to LoveLinhdor and Vindblain, who so kindly suggested this piece as a Daily Deviation, and alicexz, who generously used her time to feature it.

[ EDIT ] - Oct. 3, 2011

What about a caption contest for this piece? 

Boy: Gurl pull yo' skirt down.

What do you all think they should be saying? :huggle:

= = = = =

Dear all,

This is a gift for a most inspiring and dear friend - Lewis Cox III, who exudes kindness and help for others on DeviantART at lc3!

Featuring elements in God's world that I believe he'd find invigorating - the ocean at night, a canopy of stars, and random nebulous glows in the sky. :D

Oh! Quick tip for you all, dear friends - if you print something dark like this at a print shop - and you receive your test print fresh out of the machine - stare at that paper for a while! Wet ink looks noticeably darker than when dry. You should see your colors relax their deep hue and emerge in a while! :huggle:

Tools - Wacom Intuos 3; Photoshop CS5. 
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