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October 5, 2011
Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You is a dazzling celestial illustration by *muddymelly.
Featured by alicexz
Suggested by LoveLinhdor
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Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You

My Etsy storefront (online shop for signed art prints + merch!)

Since many have kindly written to ask, if you would like to use this piece of artwork in the background of a YouTube music video, please go ahead! I'd be grateful if you would please provide a link back to this piece if possible

[ EDIT ] - Oct. 11, 2011

WAO!!!! A Daily Deviation!?!?! Everyone!!! Thank you so much for your incredibly undeserved support... :MASSIVE HUG: Q____Q///. I see y'all left so many sweet comments that just rocket me up into the air. >________< THANK YOU... :happycry: x 10,000. I'll try my lazy-butt best to write everyone back!! Please know that if I ever do get to see y'all in real life I want to give you the HUGEST hug ever, especially to LoveLinhdor and Vindblain, who so kindly suggested this piece as a Daily Deviation, and alicexz, who generously used her time to feature it.

[ EDIT ] - Oct. 3, 2011

What about a caption contest for this piece? 

Boy: Gurl pull yo' skirt down.

What do you all think they should be saying? :huggle:

= = = = =

Dear all,

This is a gift for a most inspiring and dear friend - Lewis Cox III, who exudes kindness and help for others on DeviantART at lc3!

Featuring elements in God's world that I believe he'd find invigorating - the ocean at night, a canopy of stars, and random nebulous glows in the sky. :D

Oh! Quick tip for you all, dear friends - if you print something dark like this at a print shop - and you receive your test print fresh out of the machine - stare at that paper for a while! Wet ink looks noticeably darker than when dry. You should see your colors relax their deep hue and emerge in a while! :huggle:

Tools - Wacom Intuos 3; Photoshop CS5. 
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Bought this at metro con Tampa and missed the artist. Love the serenity of the scape

Beauteous celestial sky!

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There is so much wonder in this art piece!

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im literally in tears …..this is outstanding....

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It s  just so daaamn beautiful! Rainbow Monstercat Emoticon 
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This is so pretty! I wish I could do this :P
Love your artwork I had to use it for a song I made.…
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Hey. Curious about this, I finally found you as the original artist of this image. Were you aware that your art is being used on the paintwithdiamonds website:…
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I was about to comment something similar and found your comment, I came across a Facebook video for a site call diamond art club where they are offering 4 of their popular kits for free and you just pay S&H This image is one of them. It would be really lame if they don't ask the artist first before using it. ;( So I think all these diamond art sites have just collectively called the piece, soulmates not know the original name and original artist. 
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Hi there! Just wanted to comment for the record - we have a licensing agreement with the original artist. We are the only diamond painting site allowed to sell this design. If you see other sites offering the design, we recommend reporting the website to their web host. 
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Awh I love it. Would love this on my wall.
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Bought a print of this from you the other day from your booth at a local Con.
Really love you style, very talented.
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Wow, this is really amazing 😍
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I adore your art and I recently found your art for sale on a website for those gem paint puzzle kits things? Here's a link to the Graymatter store where I found it!…
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awesome! love the colors and scale!
Hi, is it possible to purchase a copy of this from you in digital form.... I have written a short book and am self publishing.... I love this picture and would like to use it as a cover image please....? Xxx
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It's wonderful and very beautiful ! Great work !
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