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Ken Kaneki
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Published: May 7, 2018
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"Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?"

-- Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) 

Kaneki (and the well-poised cast of Tokyo Ghoul) always delivers such memorable and heart-touching lines... I think one of my most favorite Kaneki quotes is still as follows: "Human relationships are chemical reactions. If you have a reaction then you can never return to your previous state of being." 
= = = = = 

Cropped closeup: 

[Cropped closeup] Ken Kaneki by muddymelly 

My dear y'all, I've absolutely got to improve in so very many facets because there is so much that I dearly hope to do better for y'all...!!! Thereby, I must beg your pardon as I rush back to work/catching up on communications/working on overdue solutions/finally finishing things that I very much owe y'all! m(/____\)m Please accept this edgy spoop of an artwork. 

That's my secret, Captain... I'm always behind on work... and am constantly thinking about the folks that I've let down and need to make amends for, and the folks that are waiting on me, that are unreplied-to, that have important concerns that I must address, that have critiques that I must express gratitude for, and that have kindly taken care of me. I owe so many so much. 

I'm so sorry for being behind on these things, and am ever thankful for your very treasured patience. 

Please know that I am unspeakably grateful for y'all and to y'all. (>///<pq) 

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Comments (28)
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chaulilou|Hobbyist Digital Artist
muddymelly youre the actual best artist that exist. Also why do you not have a speedpaint channel on youtube? You'd get popular in an instant@!
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COOLBOSS13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very beautiful!! *0*
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TheFinalOrder's avatar

With your unbeleivable art style i thought your fire would be something to behold, idk
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Starfyrstudios|Hobbyist General Artist

yeeeeeees!!! i'd LOVE to see that!:love:

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Tenpers's avatar
Too amazing for my eyes....
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Mochi-BobaTea|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to buy more of your art, what the next con you're going to? I forgot when you told me :v
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Asterisci|Student General Artist
Uhggg I love your art style *^*
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AndersonPhotography|Professional Photographer
This is fantastic... How long did it take you to complete this??
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curiousmate|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is so amazing. i love your selectionof colours and all the amzing little details youput in
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Godzilla4545Edited |Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my days, this is amazing, Melly! :D
Another Tokyo Ghoul piece from you, to add to my wallpapers collection on my desktop! muahaha!
I absolutely love the skeletal hands reaching up around him! The colours used for them are so pretty, but also so cold, and I love it! They stand out while also not bursting through the picture, which I absolutely love! The detailing on his Rinkaku is incredibly, as well! The red glow kind of effect over the tentacles, is so pretty!
OHHHH Melly, I've missed your art so much, I'm so happy to see an art piece from you! I hope that you have been well, and there is no need to apologise! :D You have your life to deal with as well!
I'm very excited to download the Patreon reward, I'm going to have me a new wallpaper, WOOO! lol :P I've been using your art on my desktop, and the friends that see it really like it, and I point them to you! Hopefully some of them have followed! I must share your art as much as possible! lol

(PS - I'm happy to see someone else that likes Tokyo Ghoul, as well! Are you watching RE:?)
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Skunkyfly|Hobbyist General Artist
SHKJFJKJKFDJGKHJLDFJLGHJLDJGLHJDLKJFGHLKDJLKFJG OMGGGG THIS IS SO ADORABLEEE :iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz::iconshinezoomplz:
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JAAC3vil|Student General Artist
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AngSik|Student Digital Artist
WOW WOW WOW BTS V Shocked BTS V Shocked BTS Jungkook clap 
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Catstudio7|Hobbyist General Artist
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Prywinko|Professional Digital Artist
Awesome!Stars [Cat Emote] Chill Smile 
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muddymelly|Professional General Artist
mecengineer , thank you so much for kindly supporting me for such a long time! m(_ _)m 
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eggswithbenefits|Hobbyist General Artist
spectacular!! you always have so much detail in your work and its amazing!! QoQ
may i ask how long these pieces usually take you? 
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muddymelly|Professional General Artist
As a massive egg fan (I especially love YouTube channels like "A Chick Called Albert" that chronicle the lives of borbs that hatch from eggs,) your username "eggswithbenefits" makes me swoon kaomoji set 1 9/19 

kaomoji set 1 13/19 My goodness gracious, bless you for your extremely kind compliments... T////////T I must be honest with you and say that I was unsatisfied with this piece for months and months (and retain my desire to try to fix many parts of it,) and have repainted several areas multiple times... I am still not satisfied with my work on it; I should have worked harder on art and anatomy basics going into this piece and then I would have maybe known a little bit more about what I was doing! I am sorry for giving you such a rambling answer, dear. kaomoji set 1 1/19 Your kind question inspires me to work harder on the skills I can offer so that I may, hopefully, become faster! Thank you so much!!!
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eggswithbenefits's avatar
eggswithbenefits|Hobbyist General Artist
eggs r a gift to our lives hahaha

!!yw!! ^ ^ 
well all that hardwork paid off! cause its stunning~
i totally get what u mean tho....u can take a single break on a piece and all of a sudden u hate it....and it takes forever to try and make it look nice again... (i end up scrapping alot because of that lol)
but i think as someone who hasn't been looking at this piece for months (at all the little details) it looks amazing!  i mean most people wont notice all the little imperfections like u do~
so try not to think about it too much hahaha
but yeah! now u kno to work harder on the anatomy for the next piece and im sure it will turn out magnificent! : D
keep up the great work!! cant wait to see the next one!! * v *
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