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[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (free .PSD!)


[Gift Art] - Little Bat Family (GIF) (free .PSD!) by muddymelly Bat:heart: rvmpBat:heart: rvmpBat  

As promised, here is another free batch of high-res Photoshop files on my Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon (including step-by-step .PSDs, final .PSD + images, and step-by-step image files!) kaomoji set 2 16/67 I hope everything is to your liking, dear y'all; please let me know if you can't open any files! Thank you all so much for your gracious support and patience with my slow replies... Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] The cause behind this artwork is near and dear to my sisters and me, so I have waxed verbose in writing about it to y'all... 

I drew this artwork of a loving batty family for a hard-working friend and animator, Justin Gorski, who'll use this piece to promote his upcoming 3-D short film titled "Lil Bat!" Lil Bat's story strives to raise awareness of the dreadful "white-nose syndrome" disease that has been wiping out dwindling bat populations with frightful rapacity! Imagine being unable to sleep night after night because your skin and mucosal membranes are extraordinarily itchy/scratched raw, and there's nothing in your fridge and no running water... nor is there anything you can do to rid yourself of the fungi attacking your skin, nose, lips, arms. And you feel super sick. This rather sounds like the nightmarish I Must Scream and I Have No Mouth...! 

Bats affected by white-nose syndrome are reeling from all of these experiences (and more) during their wintry hibernation season, when there are no insects and unfrozen water to consume... and when uninterrupted rest is a must. Suffering from illness, exhaustion, and dehydration, millions upon millions of benevolent, insect-nomming bats died from white-nose disease in droves over the past ten years. The italicized bit hit us hard when I was drawing this piece: 

Current estimates of bat population declines in the northeastern US since the emergence of white-nose syndrome are approximately 80%. [...] It is unlikely that species of bats affected by white-nose syndrome will recover quickly because most are long-lived and have only a single pup per year. 

Diligent (and highly concerned) scientists have rolled out promising cures (bacteria VS fungi battles, aww yiss) over the years!! In summery Georgia, where my sisters and I live, we can see tiny and curious bats very softly chittering around street lamps, where they munch on the entranced insects drawn to the light. kaomoji set 1 9/19  These tiny (and sometimes humongous!) mammals are incredibly wondrous in anatomy and lifestyle... 

Thank you so very much for reading all of this. :heart: rvmp _(:3」∠)_ 

(Here's a list of all free files from me!) 

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It's beautiful....
that's it, can't say more.

Painfully adorableee
muddymelly's avatar
m(_ _)m!! Thank you so very much... I'm so glad you think so!!
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AAAHHHHHH THIS IS REALLY BEAUTIFULLLLL ;;///////////////////////////;;
you really really can to send the true message on this piece,, >////< <3333333
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I love mother; she loves me.
We love daddy, yes sirree;
He loves us, and so you see,
We are a happy family.
muddymelly's avatar
Bless you for this sweet poem!!! (T^Tpq) I always feel so happy and relieved when family members nurture and lovingly care for one another!
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Oh, my baaaagggsssss, this is so beautiful and adorable!!!! I LOVE the colors and coloring style!! The expressions make me tear up!! The teddy bear just makes me go "AWW!" (which is saying a LOT since I rarely react to or merely think something about a thing that's adorable!), and it adds to the adorableness! I throughly enjoy looking at this piece which can warm the heart!!

Also, thank you for raising awareness about the bats! Never see many people care about bats, so it's, at the least, a nice change! I don't even care for bats and yet I know this is true :) I look forward to your friend's animation!
muddymelly's avatar
*Daubs away at your tears and tucks teddy bears into your arms~* (;~;pq) your touching reactions and your kindness in sharing your thoughts are deeply appreciated... I'm so glad and very honored that you liked it so, my goodness! I too am looking forward to my friend's hard work reaching fruition and inspiring people to care about the plight of hard-working bats~! 

Your taste in YouTubers/Let'sPlayers (Cry and Pewds) makes me smile!! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 
AngelWolves1's avatar
Aaaahhhhh, this reaction pleases me so, too! (Lol XD) And I dunno what else to say! Sorry it took so long to reply, though! XD

ERMAGERSH, YOU LIKE LET'S PLAYERS, TOO? :la: Markiplier is my favorite one. Though, his videos recently have been mostly unfunny or he's not commentating enough, so I often take breaks from him by watching PewDiePie or Jacksepticeye or Cry. It's fun to watch different people react to the same game, at the least :3
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I'm so honored that you feel that way, omgosh!! /)////(\ 
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This is so adorable! I love the colors!
muddymelly's avatar
Thank you so much for your sweet words, jollykid.:Bunny love:. 
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That's a gorgeous scene and it's great that you're helping to raise more awareness for the disease as well! The disease is really a huge blow bats OO - I didn't know it affected that many :(
Thanks for this and the extra links! I'll keep an eye out for the short film too!
muddymelly's avatar
My dear RegularDestiny !!Bunny Emoticon  I too was stunned by how much damage white-nose caused... I very much hope that we head towards a future with more healthy, happy bats! Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging words that you always so kindly send my way... I very much hope that the files are useful to you in any way. Bunny Emoji-74 (Snuggy) [V4] 
lDestiny's avatar
Indeed! I hope so too!
Absolutely! You're artwork is always so nice to see!
And in such a calming scene - the reflective mirror-like colors create such a peaceful atmosphere :lovesquee:
Absolutely!! Thank you so much!!!
Spread More Love Emote - PLZ Spread More Love Emote - PLZ
(So sorry for the really late reply! >.<)
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This is great.
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Thank you so very much, Electricb7 !! (I'm so sorry to hear that you suffered from a monitor with inaccurate colors... but I'm so glad to see that you've got an IPS [yes!!!] monitor that can display your artwork with accuracy!) 
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... Are they hanging... Upside down!?! And u just changes the Perspektiv? O_O ou i just realized that now! OW! Dats so Amazing! And beautiful!
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