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Flying Lessons In The Rain

(Note: this piece is huge - 5,000 x 3,333 pixels!)

Close-ups: [Close-Up] - Flying Lessons in the Rain by muddymelly [Close-Up] - Flying Lessons in the Rain by muddymelly 

= = = 

My FacebookTumblr, and Twitter be here; I'd be very glad to connect with you!

Thank you so, so much for looking at this work. Emoticon: Bow You may see these original characters of mine appear in Skye! (The crazy-haired boy is "Hazen*," his friend with crazier hair is "Aria," and the chubs puffball is a not-so-smol Honduran white bat doing cardio.)

I wanted to give this as a gift artwork out to the super-sweet and impossibly patient friends who commissioned artwork from me over the years, but feel like I could have planned the perspectives and dynamism of this piece significantly better; I aim to do better next time! -- A dear person pointed out that "I've learned a lot; next time, I'll use that to do better, and learn even more" is something I say a lot, so I must get faster, learn faster, and make better work for y'all

= = = 

But for right now, I have an idea! I think y'all may like the background of this piece, so I'll release that after polishing it up! Here's a potato-quality sneak peek

(Upcoming piece!) by muddymelly -- and *Hazen and Aria sittin' around: (Upcoming piece!) by muddymelly
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5000x3333px 10.3 MB
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66 mm
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Feb 11, 2009, 6:58:07 PM
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Tweetyburd's avatar
Hahaha "Don't Stop Believin" I love it! This piece is great, I can tell you worked a long time on this.
Rem0x's avatar
Your use of colour in your art is astounding. Fantastic work :)
HappyAggro's avatar
The amount of detail in this is awesome and I love the mood it sets.

Do you might if I give one bit of con crit though? This is a solid enough piece as is, but I just wanted to mention something to keep in mind in future, not related to the perspective and dynamism as far as I know.
MarquisLP's avatar
LOVE the colours!
DemoniqueAlma's avatar
My god this is a master piece! you better get a DD for this work!
atavon's avatar
Beautiful detail and scale, love the color work and subtleties!
delusionalfreak's avatar
This is really beautiful!! :)
Elphu's avatar
Was not prepared for that massive image xD Great job
muddymelly's avatar
Looool!! ^_________^ Thank you so very much.  

Your comment made my day, mamokin! I hope that all of those pixels bring you enjoyment. So many pixels! 
:watplx3d: watplx 3D 50x50 derp 
Patchy9's avatar
*click zoom in*
oh wow that's pretty big
*click zoom in further*
...I need more monitor...
muddymelly's avatar
Ahahaha! I did dump a huge file onto DeviantART (which is so accepting of giant files. I'm uploading work to Artstation [10 MB limit] and Drawcrowd [2 MB limit] and have had to re-save a smaller version of many pics to keep 'em under Drawcrowd's tiny file limit.)

Oh, Pat'...! As I was looking at your avatar... I just noticed that you and kaleidomaru (Mark) both boast Bastion profile pics! 
dashahead's avatar
This is the kind of world I want to live in!
muddymelly's avatar
What an awesome and inspiring compliment that is to hear!! I'm very honored that you feel that way, dashahead.

:Sad Monkeys: 
dashahead's avatar
You and your work really deserve it, please never stop creating!
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