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Echoes of Eternea - Soundtrack Album Artwork

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EDIT: for any Kickstarter backers or persons who are interested in learning about Echoes of Eternea's status right now (in November of 2015,) here is all that I know!

[ This is a commissioned piece for freelance. ]
[ Wallpapers coming super soon! ]

Echoes of Eternea - Soundtrack Album Artwork by muddymelly 

Hey, dear y'all!! Here is the OST album artwork for my client Ryan Harmon's upcoming indie RPG, "Echoes of Eternea." You'll soon get to see this artwork up on iTunes when the loooovely already-finished soundtrack -- by Aaron Krogh, Aakaash Rao, and Angelo Cicero -- drops!!

(Characters from left to right) Aster the monk, Namie the "Eternal Maiden," Apollo the warrior, Ciel the knight, Noelle the gunner, and Holland the time mage!

My dear talented friends, if you would like to help (with artwork, character designs, dialogue torsos, sprites, pixel artwork, backgrounds, music, sound effects, voice acting, etc. -- it'd be amazing to have you on board!) More details in this artwork's description -- and here, in the DeviantART Job Forum!
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Very lovely work.
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Wow, this is excellent. Fantastic color combo!

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So wonderful!!! :love:
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First piece I saw this morning when I woke up, great work:)
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Ahhh!! Thank you, dear Cheesebath. LOOOL @ Cheesebath 

(And a belated good morning! :D
Cheesebath's avatar
Ha! Very belated...good after evening now:)
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this is perfect!! 
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!!! Wao! @@/// Thank you greatly for that kind comment, and for looking. I will strive to make even more perfect artworks for you, YaDuckie(eeeeeee)! 

I'm honestly glad to hear that you like it; it is srs bsns to me to perform just as well as the rest of the team who has worked so hard on this game, and you've encouraged me to keep going with your words. :D 
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>w< I'll definitely buy this *readies my giftcard*
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KURA-OU it is YOU!! ^^ :HUG TIGHT: 

Wao!!! @0@ Such a magnanimous compliment and attitude you have...! I would give this as a gift to you, dear Kura-Ou. Thank you for all of your support and faithful quick comments. You're an honestly supportive friend and person. :D I'm glad the people who know you have you in their lives. 
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