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Published: May 20, 2017
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Cropped closeup: 
[Cropped closeup] (Katsuki Bakugou) by muddymelly 
Our spicy Katsuki Bakugou still needs a good hero name... kaomoji set 1 6/19 Hmm... Blasty McSplode (cheerfully suggested by the warm-hearted Kirishima) is a strong contender. LOOOOOLLL KlausTougaard aptly suggested "Peasant-Destroyer;" what are your suggestions? kaomoji set 1 3/19 I would love to hear!!! I am awful at name-making. I should ask y'all to name my future children, for their sakes... kaomoji set 1 11/19 

Boku no Hero Academia will put hair on your chest and tears in your eyes!! We sisters have been loving how the inspiringly large cast has been developing, in particular --- Bakugou's very in-character, comprehensively thoughtful, quite inspiring character development...! Everyone... all the strong-hearted hero kids... is growing up in such wonderful ways that incite a fire of pride in our hearts. kaomoji set 2 55/67 kaomoji set 1 13/19 kaomoji set 1 9/19  
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Comments (37)
Starfyrstudios's avatar
Starfyrstudios|Hobbyist General Artist

for real what media do you use for these ?!!! :innocent:

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DarkHeart-16's avatar
DarkHeart-16|Hobbyist General Artist
maybe Nitro (for Nitroglycerin)..?
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princess20039's avatar
You just did it. good job that's the best suggestion i've actually heard.
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jjars's avatar
jjars|Hobbyist Writer
Bombasticus the Great?
Napalm Pilot?
...Maximum Oversplosion?
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Alybe-chan's avatar
Alybe-chan|Hobbyist Artist
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jjars's avatar
jjars|Hobbyist Writer
I'm pretty sure you meant to leave a general comment to the author. Why did you reply to my joke?
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SeasideDreamer's avatar
wow.. you are a god with colors ; A; 
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SooDoneWithYou's avatar
I've heard that an original concept for Bakugo's hero name is "Ground Zero". Sounds pretty cool and suits his quirk well.
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Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
I just started reading this series. I had this idea that they would put on a school play based on "Wind and the Willows", with Tsuyu Asui playing Toad (as a Duchess instead of a Duke), and the principal as Mole. I haven't decided who should be Ratty. Badger would be a puppet operated by Invisible Girl, voices by All Might.
...oh, and this jackass can play the Leader of the Weasels.
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killuagirl123's avatar
killuagirl123|Student Digital Artist
it looks so cool and colorful!
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MScoutcookie's avatar
MScoutcookie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BAKUGOoouuu!!! <333
He looks so goooddd!!! <333
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EricVonSchweetz's avatar
EricVonSchweetz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MangoTekNo's avatar

It is NOT every day that I have a drawing of a dude as my wallpaper.  You have broken the glass ceiling, sir.
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Skunkyfly's avatar
Skunkyfly|Hobbyist General Artist
HGJKFHKGJHFDJGHJDF WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOMGGG THIS IS SOO FABULOOUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz: :iconmaniacscreamplz:

one of the super most amazing ka-chan we have ever seen in DA >////////////< :iconaaah-plz: :iconaaah-plz: :iconaaah-plz: :iconaaah-plz:
not to mention, tbh we not so fan of this character, because he kinda bully Deku-chan ;;___:;

BUT YOU SURE DID SUPER GREAT JOB HERE >/////////////////////////////<
all of the color was full of power as always!!!!
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Godzilla4545's avatar
Godzilla4545|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so late to looking through DeviantArt. ;~; I missed your artwork! D:
I love your artwork for Bakugou! He's such an interesting character, and I loved him in the latest episode (no spoilers of course)! He was so different from how he's usually shown!
Really like the detail that you put in on the 'splosions and fire! As well as his face, and hair, and... EVERYTHING! I just love your artwork so much, Melly! T-T (<-Tears of joy at being able to catch up with your art!) Like the swirls around him, the windy-spinny swirls!
I think his hero name should be... fluffles. No? OK. :P I read "Blasty McSplode" and now that's stuck in my head, I like that one! xD
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oviedomedina's avatar
Wow! Not a fan of Bakugou, but this is awesome!
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L-DAWOLF's avatar
L-DAWOLF|Professional General Artist
I love, love, love this! great job! :)
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SabakuTemari88's avatar
You made me fall for Kacchan even more with this fanart, seriously. It's beautiful! *^*
Also, Blasty McSplode is a nice hero name, but I'm kinda hoping he'll end up with the name Horikoshi had thought of when he drew Katsuki's first draft: Ground Zero -- I really like it and I think it fits him!
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AoiFuuka's avatar
AoiFuuka|Hobbyist Traditional Artist

You need to be noticed more Senpai ≧◡≦
Your works are really Amazing Heart  

Just what kind of alchemy is this?!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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Ecl4ira's avatar
Ecl4ira|Hobbyist Digital Artist
dAMN this is goodd //hahaha blasty mcsplode i love this show
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Catstudio7's avatar
Catstudio7|Hobbyist General Artist
Ka-chan!!kaomoji set 1 4/19  
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maoez's avatar
maoez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just started watching this! So good!
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muddymelly's avatar
muddymelly|Professional General Artist
That's so wonderful of you, and it truly lifts my heart up to think about you enjoying BNHA! Ain't it a touching shounen series! *Tearfully watches it with you; lowkey cries and grows chest hair at the same time* 
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maoez's avatar
maoez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's SO GOOD!  I've been out of the anime game for a LONG time and a friend recommended it to me and so far omg I love it so much. *joins you in chest hair growth and beautiful manly sparkle tears*
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