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[Commission] - Plop

My Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter be here; I'd be very glad to connect with you!

Edit: Looming cropped closeups of this piece on my Tumblr

Thank you so, so much for your time in looking at this piece, which was commissioned [an astonishingly long time ago] by the exceedingly patient and encouraging Jordan Velten, who asked for her two original characters (the precocious, somewhat spoiled, and girly Sophia and her man, who complements her wiles by not giving in too easily.) 

Jordan, it was most enjoyable drawing your couple!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and blessing to do so. 

Dear viewer, if you are either waiting on Skye: Endless Realm and/or a commissioned piece(s) from me, here is an update on the situation(s!) 
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great composition and colors! Also I love the way you paint clothes.
Virev's avatar
Awesome art!  :D  Keep it going forever!
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Wow! Thisis amazing! I'd like you to know that you are one of my biggest inspirations as an artist! Also, are they sitting in water?
Deprivance's avatar
Wow, gorgeous work :) love your coloring style!
muddymelly's avatar
Deprivance - what a sweet thing to hear from you...! Thank you so very much. I love your marvelous details and vivid colors, as well! I've +Watched you! :D 
muddymelly's avatar
LeoncitaMD18 - thank you so very much!!
LeoncitaMD18's avatar
you're welcome *w*
Sliskarg's avatar
Esta muy bueno!!!
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Gracias, gracias, Sliskarg - I'm very grateful!
Sliskarg's avatar
de nada!!! es un trabajo maravilloso!
MusicMickey's avatar
muddymelly's avatar
!! MusicMickey - thank you, thank you!! :3c
MusicMickey's avatar
It's true! You have beautiful drawings! :D
oh and no problem:P
weaveroffantasy's avatar
What caught my eye was the use of the colors as well as the style- it's just so beautiful and well done.
muddymelly's avatar
weaveroffantasy - thank you so much for your most encouraging and detailed compliment...! I hope to do better next time - to better deserve your wonderful words! 
xXLillyUniqueWhiteXx's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooooooo.......... magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I knew how to create a pic/deviation like that!!!!!
muddymelly's avatar
xXLillyUniqueWhiteXx - I'm utterly blown away by the very sweet enthusiasm in your comment that you so kindly took the time to leave! Thank you so much, dear Lilly!! With such kindness and positive energy, you'll definitely go far in art.
xXLillyUniqueWhiteXx's avatar
I just read your comment, I haven't been on this in a while and I'm really happy!
kura-ou's avatar
Ahhh, welcome back, Melly :heart: I hope that you've been well ;u;
muddymelly's avatar
Kindest kura-ou - you always are there for so many, including myself (despite my massive leave of absence!) 

You're such a wonderful member of any community that may be graced with your presence. *^*/// 

Thank you so much for taking the time to say such kind words! Everyone, this is a marvelous, modest, magnanimous artist right here! *Gestures fervently at kura-ou* :iconlaeyesplz:
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