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[Commission] - Moon Child

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[Close-Up] - Moon Child by muddymelly  [Close-Up] - Moon Child by muddymelly 

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The incredibly magnanimous and sweet-hearted Katie Meeves commissioned this piece of her original character for her fantastical story, and she even gave it a lovely title!! *^*9 Amongst many others who must feel the same, I would love to read her writing. (The heroine is the young girl depicted, who is meeting the spirit of her true soul mate - which is manifested in the form of a blue-eyed snowy owl. Prior to their encounter, the girl was crying - since she ran away from an intense forced betrothal. But what happens next!? Katie, we must know.) Gentle Katie has waited on me to finish her piece for far, far too long!

I've been extraordinarily, unforgivably, stunningly behind in everything! *Sees that it is already December of this yearUndertale Icon - Papyrus *Internally yells at self breathlessly because internal voice doesn't need air*  Oh ma god, Papyrus pls staup 


Y'all must be saints for being this patient with me. I've gotta catch up on work (and respond super-belatedly to everyone) like a Chinese factory worker who has no chill. Temmie icon 
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Aerozopher's avatar
cool but the contrast is missing
muddymelly's avatar
Oh, goodness, you are absolutely right, Aerozopher !! I thank you so much for your insightful critique and will endeavor harder to do better on contrast and lighting in my future works...! I'm very grateful, and should have gotten back to you months ago when you left your helpful comment!
XSnowRoyale's avatar
WHAA!! Really happy to see more work from you! ( ^ u ^ )
Hnng, I really don't know how to put my awe into words. This is just so beautiful!!~ <3
It looks so magical and fantastical! ( ; v ; <3 The owl looks really really cool and the tiny details on the girl's outfit is just wow ( ; v ;
muddymelly's avatar
Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] I'm so sorry for responding so very late to your enthused and very sweet comment, XSnowRoyale !! m(_ _)m I'm extremely grateful for your generously-detailed compliments, goodness!

I love the ambitious scope of your pieces - such attention to environmental detail...! +Watched, for sure!! 

XSnowRoyale's avatar
No no, it's fine! I'm sure you've been very busy.
( > u < )

Ahh wow!!! Hnnng, noticed by a senpaiii. I feel so honored!~:iconuu-plz:
I really really love your beautiful artwork!~ Thank you so much for your compliment and the +watch, Melissa!! (ノ´∀`*)
I'm not sure if you know/remember, but I'm also CookieNinjAmber on Twitter. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Rakusaru's avatar
It's always nice to see you post some new art. Gorgeous art overall, but I have to give you props for that fantastic painting for the buildings, sky, and that owl.
muddymelly's avatar
Dearest Viv'!! I see that you have Toriel as your profile pic, dear! A most excellent choice! Have you played UNDERTALE yet, love?? *^*9
 Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 
Wah...! Your compliments are ever detailed in their warmth and love, dear Viv'. :huggle: You're an epic friend to those blessed to be in your life, and in your heart. I must apologize for writing back horrendously late!
Rakusaru's avatar
I have played Undertale and did one of the Neutral runs and the True Ending. And it's fine! We've both been very busy in our own lives.
TornSock's avatar
This is amazing, I really love the owl sooooo much <3
btw is skye endless realm coming along?
muddymelly's avatar
Sweet TornSock !! I'm getting back to you so late! I must apologize to you for leaving you hanging. Here, dear - you should be able to see when my little team and I share updates via our blog:

Right now, my teammates and I are working on themes and new additions to (our testing realm for Skye) that we hope to roll out soon! 

Singing  Owl Owl loves you, too!! C:
Bavai's avatar
So beautiful *-*
muddymelly's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for your uplifting words, Bavai !! :backhug: 
AngelWithDeath's avatar
Damn it!
Looks pretty good ^^
I love owls!
muddymelly's avatar
AngelWithDeath , I'm so grateful to hear that! I agree! Owls are truly awesome creatures who are incredible hunters... And they are gorgeous to look at, aren't they? Studying reference photos of owls was very inspiring. *___*
Joey245's avatar
So colorful and pretty. Excellent work!
muddymelly's avatar
Joey245 , thank you for taking the time to say such kind words! m(_ _)m It's an honor to hear. I will strive to improve, thanks to your encouragement!
kura-ou's avatar
This is epic~! I'm sure that Katie was more than happy to wait because all your hard work manifested into such a beautiful piece~ :heart: Please don't be so hard on yourself, Melly~ >u<)b Thank you for sharing with us another inspirational piece and please have a nice day~!
muddymelly's avatar
Darling kura-ou !! Dear you, you never fail to lift others up and have them believe that they can indeed improve themselves and grow into better people. Katie (and her lovely twin sis') does indeed have the patience of a true saint!! I will never cease to be amazed at their generosity... Kura, I will strive to live up to your magnanimous words! *^* I hope to never let them down!
kireiraa's avatar
I'm speechless. Literally speechless. The details in this piece are absolutely MIND-BLOWING. It conveys such a delicate, ethereal aura, oh my goodness. I'm utterly captivated. I need to commission you one day!!! <33333333333
muddymelly's avatar
kireiraa , I'm rolling around in your ethereal work right now. *___*

Thank you so, so much for such effervescent and encouraging compliments!! I feel so fueled by you taking the time to pass on such kind words! I feel like I've been touched by an angel. *^* I am very honored. *Becomes speechless* 
kireiraa's avatar

Hehe, no problem, you deserve all the compliments in the world~~~ <33333333
muddymelly's avatar
:Replies 4 months late, oh my gosh: - goodness gracious, it is my honor to +Watch your gorgeous works, kireiraa !! What an energetic outpouring of generous words you've gifted me! But!! I realize I am replying to you so late - you've moved about a day or so ago...? Is it too late to ask for your new username!? QQ
kireiraa's avatar
OH MY GOODNESS, I missed you so much on your hiatus!!! Thank you so much for YOUR kind words; I'm so honored to be able to talk to you like this~~~ <3 Ahhhhhh, I haven't actually gotten around to making a new account yet due to the stress of school rn but when I do I'll definitely inform you! ^7^b Thank you for wanting to continue to support me!

(Also, I was wondering; are your commissions open? If not, do you know when they will open? Because I LOVE your art and I would absolutely die with happiness if I could commission you kyahhhh ///7///)
DemoniqueAlma's avatar
Omg it is so beautiful and the details are amazing!
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