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[Commission: Kaneki Ken] - 'Light of Crepuscule'


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Edited artwork on February 19, 2017:
 I felt I did a poor job on drawing Kaneki's face (I didn't make him look enough like himself,) so I redid his face, punched up certain color vibrances, fixed some anatomy mistakes, and added some colored highlights! The old picture is here for comparison: 

Light of Crepuscule (old version!) by muddymelly 

Quick plug: dear y'all, I would def' love to follow you back and connect with you on TumblrFacebookTwitter, and Instagram; I cherish seeing what y'all create and are passionate about, and cheering you on! 

EDIT @ 4:20 pm: I've just started a Patreon (a few minutes ago,) where I'm giving out the final high-res Photoshop file of this Kaneki artwork (2400 x 1600 + dozens of layers!) I would dearly appreciate hearing what free/paid rewards you'd like to receive from my Patreon! (Current suggestions include speedpaints, which would be free, of course!) Please feel free to comment your thoughts, requests, and suggestions all over my Patreon page, or here, or wherever you feel most comfy doing so!

Dear you, thank you so much for kindly looking! m(_ _)m T'is the renowned Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul (who  might hold the world record for going through the coolest and most character redesigns...!) :Stares in awe at each evolution of Kaneki: @^@ 

Kaneki Talking Icon  Kaneki Smiles Icontokyo ghoul gif ken kaneki Kaneki Talking Icon 

This artwork was commissioned by a wonderfully talented voice actor (!!) friend who is as sweet as he is dedicated! Thank you so much, Tyler James Thompson, for allowing me to work on this piece for you - and for using the piece in your gorgeous cover of "Unravel!!" 
Bunny Emoji-40 (Gangnam) [V3] 

And the title for this piece was generously suggested* by the warm-as-sunshine sunshine-hideyoshi-nagachika (AKA Luna!) Love The Sunshine Oh, my gosh, Luna... your inspiration behind "Crépuscule" is absolutely so touching and fitting...! I def' feel like Kaneki would appreciatively read Victor Hugo. (Luna, I changed your suggestion a bit because - I bet you already knew this, dear Luna and dear reader! - I found out that an interesting-sounding Korean manhwa about vampires titled "Crepuscule" exists! - And, sadly/surprisingly, DeviantART doesn't allow "é" in titles. /___\ 

IMG-On-06 03 2016-At-15 06 00 by muddymelly kaomoji set 2 67/67 

As Luna beautifully translated, "God wants us to have loved;" may you feel and know you are loved today. Panda Emoji-10 (Blush) [V1] 
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