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[Close-up 1] Yuru Camp | Rin + Nadeshiko by muddymelly [Close-up 1] Yuru Camp | Rin + Nadeshiko by muddymelly
Full-sized high-resolution artwork and other close-ups: 

Yuru Camp | Rin + Nadeshiko by muddymelly  Night sky background from my Yuru Camp art! by muddymelly  [Close-up 2] Yuru Camp | Rin + Nadeshiko by muddymelly 
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My dear y'all, I found some dank Yuru Camp memes/silliness (herehere, and here) whilst putting together this piece!! I was told I must share them with as many friends as possible, starting with your wonderful selves. 

The starry night sky artwork is of Rin 💜 and Nadeshiko 🌸 and Chikuwa 🐶 (Yuru Camp!!) They are very good folk, like y'all are ☆ ~('▽^人)

Dear y'all, if your heart needs to feel like it's been swaddled within the downiest comforter and handed a hearty mug of rich hot chocolate (replete with itsy bitsy marshmallows if you like 'em) -- please do yourself a very relaxing favor and watch the endearing show that is Yuru Camp... The show offers a plethora of adorable expressions/reactions!!! 

When I was starting this piece (whilst tabling at smaller conventions where there is some time to poke at art in-between awesome attendees visiting my booth,) some attendees suggested, "You know what this piece needs? Mount Fuji!" (Because Rin and Nadeshiko met when the latter wanted to see Mount Fuji so badly!!) 

After I added the mountain in and thought the piece was "done," attendees then asked, "What about the dog?" This artwork did suffer without that adorable, costumed fluff-doge. So I made Chikuwa materialize at the very end before posting this piece, but had some trouble picking which cute outfit Chikuwa should wear... I really wanted Chikuwa's prominent, fuzzy ears to show (but they're not visible in the cute reindeer or rabbit outfits...) So I used this puffy vest from this poster

I love y'all. Thank you so much for kindly being here to see this artwork when it's finished. 

Catstudio7 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's beautiful!!:heart:
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