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Candle Mage 1/4 (C) CyberAgent: Tenku no Crystalia

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Artwork for the mobile game, "Tenku no Crystalia" / "天空のクリスタリア" / "Celestial Crystalia."

Candle Mage 1/4 (C) CyberAgent: Tenku no Crystalia by muddymellyCandle Mage 2/4 (C) CyberAgent: Tenku no Crystalia by muddymellyCandle Mage 3/4 (C) CyberAgent: Tenku no Crystalia by muddymellyCandle Mage 4/4 (C) CyberAgent: Tenku no Crystalia by muddymellyCandle Mage 1/4 (C) CyberAgent - Process by muddymelly

Candle Mage, Evolution One of Four. Element: Light. Card description: "The Candle Mage uses the candle flame's power. Her strength becomes especially strong in the season of winter."


:huggle: Thank you for looking!! m(_ _)m Merry Christmas, dear friends!! Bless you all and thank you so much for your patience with me and our progress on our MMO world, Skye: Endless Realm. (pq´v`*)

[ Trivia ] - The penguins were added because of user feedback from y'all who watched during my livestream of Candle Mage 1 of 4 - and dear Aya of CyberAgent loved it!!

[ Trivia 2 ] - Penguins have rabbit hats (in Candle Mage Card 3 of 4) because I polled the livestream watchers (mentioned in Trivia 1) about which they liked better - bunnies or penguins? Penguins won! I think both are ineffably cute so I sneakily added rabbit-related items in there...

[ Trivia 3 ] - The super happy expression on the penguins (in Candle Mage Card 4 of 4) was CyberAgent's adorable idea - click to see the cute sketch they provided as reference because they fell in love with the penguins you guys suggested! :heart: Thank you, y'all wondrous blessings!


(@@ Cannot believe I got this opportunity... Thank God!!) Illustrated for and copyrighted by the Japanese video game company CyberAgent, parent company of Cygames - who released the hit game "Rage of Bahamut," for their game, "Tenku no Crystalia!") ("天空のクリスタリア" / "Celestial Crystalia")

(Released in June 2012, "Tenku no Crystalia" is only available in Japan for now; it is similar in gameplay to "Rage of Bahamut," which is an arcade + action + fantasy trading card game available on mobile.)

- "The #1 Grossing Game On Android And iOS, DeNA’s Rage Of Bahamut, Has Almost Even Revenues From Both"

- "Cygames' Rage of Bahamut Exceeds Three Million Users Outside Japan"
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Silent night, holy night....(~0~)
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wow i wish i can drawlike that :)
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SO amazing! I wish to be an artist like you someday...but for now I'm just an amaeteur,haha! Your's so detailed,its just amazing to look at!
Are selling any? I'd love to buy some for my bedroom ! Also,I hope you've had a fabulous Christmas and New Year<33!
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You're artwork is very splendid! I love it! Terrific! I like how when you put details, strokes, shadings and adding some effects for your own original drawings turn into reality. I envy your creativity of manga art! Many artists and especially you guys are bright,creative, smart, intelligent people. I like to see more artwork as you keep on inspiring your fans. ^_^
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That's a special compliment; thank you~! You are genial to say so, Mr. Devorad. (^_____^)
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