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BNHA: Uraraka Ochaco + Midoriya Izuku

By muddymelly
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.:Bullet:. Patreon  Process and final Photoshop files for this artwork are now on my Patreon! Dear you, if you'd ever like any of my Patreon files for free, just let me know, and I'll gladly send them to you! I also have my free Photoshop files listed right herekaomoji set 2 52/67 

Full-sized versionsteps, and process GIF of the artwork: 

[Close-Up] BNHA: Uraraka Ochaco + Midoriya Izuku by muddymelly  [Steps] BNHA: Uraraka Ochaco + Midoriya Izuku by muddymelly  [GIF] BNHA: Uraraka Ochaco + Midoriya Izuku by muddymelly 

It's definitely high time I finished anything - especially one of my Boku no Hero Academia fan arts - because we sisses have been immensely enjoying the manga series together... I am a huge sap for it, dear y'all. Have y'all had the time to catch up with it yet? Who's watching the new season 2 of the anime? 
Izuku High Five All Might Icon I must excitedly high-five you! And cheer you on if you haven't yet gotten to it yet, but think you might give it a gander! And offer you, hmm, some grapes and rice crackers (my dinner) if you want a bribe before picking the series up... 
To your left, may I present... the darling, caring, brave-hearted, and innocently-very-honest Uraraka Ochaco -- who has such a sweet-sounding Japanese voice actress!! kaomoji set 1 9/19 

To your right, we have... the devotedly diligent hero-in-training and the #1 fan of All Might... It’s Midoriya Izuku (also known as “Deku!”) My heart is always cheering for this passionately hard-working and ever-thoughtful young lad (like Izuku's long-suffering mother, I’m always rooting hard and shedding tears for underdogs...) kaomoji set 2 14/67 

... And to the tiny top-right corner of the screen, we have a small, fiery, and upside-down Bakugou Katsuki

The character arcs in Boku no Hero Academia inject one with lasting encouragement!! I cried whilst reading because I so intensely appreciated that encouragement, which author Horikoshi Kōhei seeks to imbue in readers. And then I mopped the tears, grabbed my sweet and patient sisters, and we all have been reading and whoopin’ and feeling inspired by everyone in BNHA ever since! Such an endearing cast of admirable characters... kaomoji set 1 13/19 
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FullCowling101New Deviant

bakugo in the back XD

but for real, this looks awesome

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I didn't knew it was possible to do something like that !!!
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pearlybubbleStudent General Artist

i love this sm

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AnasiaEchavarriaYTHobbyist General Artist
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its outrageously gorgeous, and cute ✨😍
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Absolute amazing!
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SarahTailorArts Digital Artist

even upside down , Bakugo be in rage mode lol.

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This is the most beautiful piece of fanart I've ever seen.

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This is awesome.
I love how you use colours, keep It up!
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JackElNewmanHobbyist Writer
This is gorgeous.
Seriously, I think every single piece of art you post in stunning.
Good work. Keep up like this.
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Ice-Cove27Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa this is gorg
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StarfyrstudiosProfessional Traditional Artist

you are definitely my inspiration!!

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Vyctorian Digital Artist
This is stunning!~
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Lauren-C-origHobbyist General Artist
B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L. L.
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saltmachineHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely gorgeous.
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FazeButlerStudent General Artist
How in the name of Jesus H Christ
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I was searching far and wide for someone to make something so wholesome. Thanks.
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This is incredible!
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impressionant! I love it
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Amazing! I love it!  Airborne 
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Oh god so colorful
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CamDreemurrHobbyist Digital Artist
Kacchan in the background with face of "SHINEEEEE"
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DemiTsunHobbyist General Artist
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SliverLightFangHobbyist Artist
Can I download it and add it on Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop?? I wanna use this as my desktop wallpaper.. 
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