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Font Pack: Shield

This font is free to use by anyone. To download it, press the DOWNLOAD button.

This pack includes 2 versions of the same font. One has left side of Caps, while the other font includes the right sided Caps (with sided I mean those bended letters as seen in the logo).

If you will be using it for a banner, YouTube/Twitch thumbnail or something else, you can show me the final piece in the comments! I wanna check them out!

Alternate download page if it doesn't work here:


No Preview

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© 2019 - 2021 Mucrush
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Hi there! Thank you so much for this font- I was able to use it for my thumbnail for my Crown Tundra stream VODs on YouTube!

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I cannot install this font. :( :( :(

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Maybe you can make The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra letter font just maybe because it would be interesting

thank you so much

i cannot extract the .rar file. it says error. Sword font works just fine

Could I have this font directly? The download isn't working for some reason and the alternate file doesn't exist

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You're a lifesaver! I'm just trying to make a half decent thumbnail for my playthrough and I was hoping I could find a better font and you came through!

I don't have much of a following for my playthroughs or anything, but I'll definitely leave a link to your profile in the description.

As requested, the end result!


There is no download link. From where should I download it ??

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Everyone! Open the file in WinRaR or 7-Zip or any similar program and it works!
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I see that many people have already commented. But this font download some reason isn't working. Doesn't seem to save the correct file. The Sword one works just fine! If you get this fix please let me know as I would love to use this font and thank you so much for making these!!!! You are awesome!!!

I can't download the file, what I do?

for some reason I'm unable to open this one but sword was just fine, is there a possibility u can send me a direct file?

Is there a way to receive the unzipped file? Anytime i try to download the zipped file, it says that it is corrupted :[

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I'm having trouble opening the file. My Zip Opener and RAR opener don't unzip it.
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Thats weird...
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Can you please send me the unzipped file of the Pokemon Shield Font through note?
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but what abou' gun?
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