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Stratum Fusion - Firefox Theme Mockup

The theme is out. Get it here: [link] The preview is still of the mockup and does not reflect the theme 100%.

Use this fix for LB2: [link]

This is a mockup of what I believe a web browser should look like when used with Windows 7. I have tried to take the experience of creating the Strata40 theme and studying the Firefox 4 mockups and use it to help me with my big question, what is simple and has the features you use most regularly up in front, and has the less used features packed away in a place you can find them? The Firefox 4 mockups tried to handle this by providing an app button and using aero effects, but they made some major mistakes in my opinion:

- The amount of aero glass used is not consistent with that used by native Windows apps (they overused it)
- They focused so much on making the interface compact that they compromised simplicity

I'm trying to improve on these with a browser that is simple and familiar to Windows users and has those needed features either up in front or tucked away where they are still easy to access, depending on the amount of use they are likely to get.

The goal is to make a Firefox theme out of this at the end. Tell me what you think :)

The PSDs contained in the download are for personal use only. Do not redistribute them, modified or otherwise.
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Please make this for firefox 4! Really good theme!
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can you explain a newbie how to add this skin?
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Just click the link in the description and you should get some kind of notification asking you to install it. If not, right click the link and save to desktop and drag the xpi file into your add-ons window.
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hmm.. do you continue developing?!
Of course the new firefox 4 design (and certainliy Stratiform) is more interesting at the moment, but the approaches are well, and I thing a revised version for Fireox 4 could be awesome :)

moreover, the final version of stratiform doesn't look like this pictures on the top :D
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Stratum Fusion might make an appearance in Stratiform at some point, who knows ;)
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awesome mod...!
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This is amazing! Comon Spewboy, get this finished so I can use it as soon as possible ;)
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Just amazing!!! This theme be much more beautiful than the new theme of firefox 4.0. Congrats dude. Note 10!!!
I really like this theme. However, there are two minor changes that I would make:

I believe that the favicon should be next to the URL in the address bar (rather than the Bookmark Star). The functionality of that specific favicon is extremely useful (like click-dragging to make shotcuts on the Desktop or in the bookmark toolbar) that the tab favicon doesn't have (or implements poorly). For example, if you rip a tag away from the tab bar, it will open in a new window, which prevents you from easily making a File-system shortcut. Also, I'm not the most coordinated person, so if I miss the bookmark toolbar, my tab reloads in another window which makes bookmarking something that much more of a chore. With the address bar favicon, it's keep trying until you get it, with no other bad behavior. I like having the bookmark star there as well, so perhaps merging their functionality and adding an overlay star if the url is bookmarked.

Secondly, I would change the all-in-one go/stop/refresh button. Usually, when someone is trying to stop a page from loading, it is because they accidentally clicked a link. Usually, this necessitates a "Go Back" action. This means that the user must go from the right side of their browser to the left to perform that workflow. Truly, "Stop" and "Refresh" are two sides of the same coin, so should be placed on same button, but I think that this combined button should be on the left because those functionalities are related to the current page/tab thread (much like back and forward, and so they should be grouped appropriately), whereas "Go" is related to a new page/tab or a modification (if you will) of the current page/tab thread (and by thread, I mean the linear history of that tab).

Thanks again for two wonderful themes (Strata40 and this one)! I can't wait to use this on FF4.0.
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I agree about the bookmarks button. It would make more sense being a favicon. My only concern was more from a design perspective. Having the favicon in the urlbar means there are now two favicons in the window. In a perfect world the tab favicon would provide all the functionality of the urlbar favicon but sadly it doesn't.

As for the combined button, I completely understand where you are coming from but there is one issue with that layout. That issue being there is no native Windows app that features a combined button (with a stop / reload - or refresh button in Explorer's case) that is on the left of the address bar. It is and has always been on the right. I usually find if I click a link I didn't want to I press the back button and let it load or I don't press the back button and I press the stop button, depending on the circumstances. There really should not be any more mouse movement from clicking the link to clicking the stop button, it should technically be slightly closer in most cases, unless the link is on the left side of the page. The only case I can think of when it would mean more mouse movement is if you click the back or forward buttons and then decide you don't want the page to load, which would not occur very often I would think.
As far as the favicon, I was just thinking that if the bookmark star had that functionality, both problems would be solved. It makes sense to drag the bookmark star to exactly where you want to bookmark the link, or simply click it once and the default bookmarking behavior kicks in. Now, we have all the functionality and no double-favicon.

For the combined button, I just realized that I do indeed use the back button as the stop button in my scenario, so that really isn't a problem. Also, conformity isn't necessarily a good thing if it sacrifices usability. I understand that you are the theme designer, and you have to please far more people than me, but that is just my 2c. Personally, I use Strata40 with the combined stop/reload button, and I don't really feel that it is too much of a departure from Firefox, and it hearkens back to the "bad" old days of IE6 (which was one of my favorite browsers due to its simplicity (but one of my most hated browsers due to everything else)).

However, I fully understand the push for Windows Integration, which I really, truly applaud. More developers should put as much effort into their products as you do yours. Bravo!
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Once again, I would very much appreciate it if you could finish your themes! :)
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Work in progress or not, this is one of the most gorgeous themes I've ever seen.
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Work in progress or not, this theme is drop dead gorgeous.
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Will you updating this awesome theme to work with firefox 4 in the near future?

I would of liked to just disable the theme and buddy if you do plan updating it, BUT I could not do so I had to uninstall the theme and buddy to make ff4 look like it was suppose too.

PLZ update it to work with 4.0 this theme ROCKS
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I would only update it for FF4 once FF4 is RC. There are still a bunch of things that need to be changed regarding the default theme and in order to skip the whole updating constantly for each nightly problem I was facing earlier I need to wait until the theme is finalized so I know bits of it aren't going to change.
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Ok thanks for the reply ... Still an awesome theme and I can wait until then. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
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Thanks :D You too.
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Sorry, but I have a couple more ideas:

1. The tools button should be directly linked to the menu bar tools menu. There are a lot of add-ons that use buttons in the tools menu (TMP, DownThemAll!, ChromEdit Plus, ect.) , and they don't carry over to your tools button. I have to press ALT every time I want to access them.

2. Support for the Diigo toolbar button (it doesn't look terrible, but it doesn't match the others). I know you have a lot more to worry about than other add-ons' toolbar buttons though, so don't worry about it now.
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hey.. I was wondering if is there the possibility of having a hometab button for this theme.. cause it's awesome.. :)
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