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Strata40 0.6.2


This theme aims to give the user an interface as close to the new Firefox 4 mockups as possible.

Please continue reading the description so that you know what add-ons should be used with this theme to get the ultimate Firefox 4 experience.

This theme is only compatible with Firefox 3.6. Using Firefox 4 or later? Give Stratiform a try and enable the built in Strata40 styles.

Required Add-ons

Below is a list of add-ons required to get Strata40 running at it's best (although not essential):
Fission (Firefox 3.5 users only)
Tab Progress Bar
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hahaha wandering my bookmarks and saw this. It has been quite a long time since I use Firefox 3+ :') This brings back my memories using Firefox. But past is past. I would like to say this is a really good Firefox theme. I used it on my Firefox 3+. I should say this a long time ago, but I don't know why I didn't. :| Cheers! :D
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Good times, eh? :)
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Yep, good times indeed.. :)
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It should do, if you use Firefox 3.6 or earlier.

If you are using a later version, try Stratiform instead, with the Strata40 styles.
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no 7 compatability? ):
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Nah, Stratiform replaced Strata40 for FF4 and onwards. Not exactly the same but it follows a similar style (if you pick the Strata40 styles).
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How can I get the "Home Tab" for Firefox 4? Like it was in the mockups?
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If you are willing to use Firefox 4, you can install Stratiform and enable "tab style buttons". Customize the tab bar by right clicking it and drag in the home button. This is one way to do it. The other way is to type "about:home" in the urlbar and right click the resulting tab and pin it. This won't give you the home icon but it will give you a functional home tab.
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Thanks for this add-on for 3.6 :iconohjoyplz:
Gave me an idea of what 4.0 looked, and gave me what looks better than the (somewhat) boring interface of Firefox 3.6 :iconohjoyplz:

P.S. Thanks for Stratiform too! :iconohjoyplz:
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oops, guess there is a new version of all this for firefox 4. thank goodness : )
love the looks, was thankful to find the likes of this....since most all the available themes i saw were horrid or overly simple looking to me : /
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Strata40 for Firefox 4 is now an extension called Stratiform: [link]

Inside that you get lotsof different styles and stuff. One of these is for that Strata40 look.
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amazing addons/styles, i was amazed when i first found them... and am looking over firefox 4 to make it feel more like it. adding back a few of the bars, and tabs not on top/as prefered. yet i could have sworn that yous might have been cleaner than ff4. regardless i hope i can find substitutes for the other addons you recommended like fission etc.
i did find a progress bar addon, so i suppose im good there at least, although i wish that option was on the tabs individually as well as the button on the end to list all the tabs. i suppose there may be options already included in this new version that i've missed.
but i hope you can continue making more styles and would love to see things for firefox 4, as i liked the idea of ff4 ahead of schedule more than the looks i got when i actually installed it.
Sorry about my english…
Good job, man!
Buuuut… How I put the star-button from left to right?
I've checked the CSSs, did various tests, but no success.
Can you help on that?
Thanks in advance!
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I can't remember, but we might have included an option for it in StrataBuddy. If we didn't, try the following CSS in Stylish:

#star-button {
display: -moz-box !important;

#identity-box #star-button {
display: none !important;

Can't tell you if it works or not because we don't support Strata40 for Firefox 3.6 anymore. We have moved on to Firefox 4 and our new Stratiform add-on, which carries on Strata40's legacy in a much more customizable format.
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Can you tell me how to make a Style to change how Xmarks buttons look?
I want them to match the Strata 40 look.
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You will need Photoshop and prior knowledge of CSS. Even then I'd probably end up writing a full page tutorial on how to do it, which I don't have time for, sorry :( It can get very difficult when working with custom buttons.
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I thought it is not so complicated. I've seen on Stylish some stiles to change how other buttons look (Personal Menu Add-on is one of them), but I don't have a clue about changing how Xmarks Site info button looks like. (I can't use the button from the address bar in the Strata 40 theme and I don't like the default button look :( )
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It requires that you make a set of images for the button in the Strata40 style and then find out the button's ID in Firefox and code it in by finding out the dimensions of the button and where each button state is located in the image containing the button along with its normal, disabled, hover and pressed state.

In short, it is reasonably easy if you know what you are doing but it is time consuming. For someone who has never done it before it is very confusing. We don't actually support Strata40 anymore, instead we use our new add-on, Stratiform for Firefox 4, which uses a new method to make the buttons that means the Xmarks button would look like the other buttons, except for the Xmarks styled glyph, which would remain the same. The add-on features a Strata40 style, and is meant to be the continuation of Strata40 with better customization, smaller file size, smaller system footprint and compatibility with Mozilla's latest browser (Firefox 4).
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hey I'm using windows 7 yet I can't apply the glass theme.
I'm using Windows Blinds. Is it incompatible with windows blind ? Or is there any trick to apply the glass theme ?
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