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After a long time the first post... The rendering was done in Cinema 4D / VRAYforC4D and edited in Photoshop. Hope you like it and the style. C&C are very welcome!


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nice work there sir!..can you link me to a tutorial on how to add these hdri scenes??
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very solid render... i got to redo mine of the same car...
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is that a modeled 3d environment? nonetheless, looks fantastic!
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Mixed between cg and photo as he replied me above...
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Damn, technology these days
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Thank you all for the great compliments!

The Car is pure 3D and the Background is a mix of Photo and CG-Elements.
Yes the reflection are normaly too strong for realism but that wasn´t my aim... I wanted to create a surreal look which let the car pop out!


Well, either way you look at it, your method worked well for this. Sometimes going off from realism can make things look better, just like this. :)
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The background/environment is pure 3D? or photo mixed? If it was pure 3D, then it looks even more impressive than the car itself in term of 3D realistic and texture and overall lighting:O :thumbsup:
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Schönes Comeback :) Die Reflexionen sind vielleicht ein bisschen übertrieben, aber das passt sehr gut zum Charakter des Wagens!
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without the CG image stripe, it would be much cooler :P
but i know its your copyright and this is absolut ok!

love it btw.!
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Lol, who keeps their basement pipes that sparky and clean?
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super cool, how long did it take you to do
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Very nice. Long time no speak Maurice :)
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I like this render... the car reflections,the scene around.
good work! :)
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