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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 4, 2011, 3:30 PM
Hello everyone!
So I am trying slowly to update my DA. I know I have been totally slackin, and I have been partyin' over on Tumblr all summer long. Guys, seriously. Tumblr is the best and worst thing that will ever happen to you. Best because it's amazing and the glee fandom practically RUN THE PLACE, worst because it is addicting. ;) anyway, if you DO have a tumblr, check out my newish blog!


On to my next business; alot of people have been asking for links to the pics in my last sketchdump, and sorry I have been so lazy lately! In order from left to right of my latest dump, Imma say if they have a fic or not, and if they do, here you can get linkage!

-Pics #1-8, not fic related

-#9 (mermaid pic) "Children's Fantasy"

When Blaine Anderson was a child living with his parent's at a seaside home, he makes a new friend on the shore. A young merman named Kurt. The two become great friends, but when Blaine is forced to move away, things change upon his return.…

-#10 "My Body Betrays Me"

Kurt has been forced to live with a curse his entire life. He can never disobey anyone who orders him to do a task. In a very dark Ella-Enchanted scenario, Dave Karofsky; who has always pined for the beautiful boy; discovered his secret and uses it selfishly. Kurt's friend Blaine is the only one that may know how to put an end to it all.…

-#11, not fic related

-#12 "Haute Couture"

Set in 1889 in Paris, fashion designer Blaine Anderson would be considered quite a catch. One evening, he pays for the company of one of the most beautiful women in Paris; Simone. But what Blaine doesn't know is that Simone isn't who she seems…she is actually a penniless boy named Kurt Hummel.…

-#13 "Misguided Ghosts, Traveling Endlessly"

Kurt Hummel doesn't know what happened, but he wakes up to a world where no one can see or hear him. He soon discovers that his body is trapped in a coma. Kurt must find a way to wake himself up before it's too late.…

-#14-15, not fic related

**I hope that helps! And if you still want more fics, check out my HUGE masterpost of fave fics over on Tumblr!…

-Jackie <3

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