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Kasane no Irome - Matsuri


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Kasane no Irome - Matsuri


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J.E.D.I.: The Origin of Alexis Tano (1/2)

Slight Content Warning: Mentions of Dysfunctional Home/Domestic Violence and Child Neglect as it pertains to the plot. ________________________________________________________________________________ The year is 2043. The month is October. The day is a Wednesday. It is cold and slightly windy in the small town of Chili, Missouri. A car—a 2044 Honda Accord—drives down a street, and it parks at a building with a sign that reads "Chili Town Preschool". Out of the driver's side door stepped out a man with orange/yellow hair and sunglasses, clothed in a brown trench coat over a beige sweater and tan pants as he took a shot of his inhaler under his black paisley-print bandana, walking towards the preschool building. A woman in a cardigan set and floral skirt came out to meet him and asked, "Greetings, Sir. What can I do for you?" In the playground in the back, there were children playing all sorts of games, from jump rope to hopscotch and ball games. Some children, however, were seated

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Kasane no Irome - Matsuri

The Escapades of Team Chrono-Tastrophe

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Justice, Excellence, Defense, Intelligence

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2019 Summary of Art Template

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

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Art Nouveau-style Randall

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