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The Jade Peacocks

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So...okay, this one will require a big explanation, so I advise that you read through it, please.

Ever since I got Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I've been wanting to make more fanart for it, but I also wanted to draw my OCs so badly. And then an idea hit me...why not just drop my OCs into Garreg Mach and draw what they'd look like in the uniform?

So, for those of you who don't know, these are some OCs of mine I had planned for an original story called "As Seen on TV!", but I still struggle to come up with a cohesive plot for it. I've been making changes to the characters over and over again, whether to their appearances or names, just trying to find something that satisfies me.

Anyways, I'll present my OCs as they would be if they lived in Fódlan and attended the Officers' Academy at Garreg Mach.

Emmett Sherwin Nguyen
  • Age: 16
  • Strengths: Sword, Reason, Authority
  • Weaknesses: Brawl, Bow, Flying
  • Crest: Macuil (major)
  • Ideal Classes: Myrmidon, Thief, Monk, Mage, Warlock, Dark Mage, Dark Bishop, Dark Knight, Trickster, Lord, Mortal Savant

Emmett Nguyen is the leader of a new House at the Officers’ Academy: The Jade Peacocks. Their story? He and his friends were starting up the game in their school club room back in Suburbia when the Switch transported them into Fódlan (sorry, no sad and heartbreaking backstories here). Apparently, Sothis took to the new visitors and bestowed random crests upon them to survive in the game (well, not that random, since the ancient goddess probably saw a reason for each crest and how it matched each member of the Jade Peacocks). He is childhood friends with Theodore (his best buddy), Blair, and Kaori. His magic progressions are Thunder→ Thoron→ Bolting and Sagittae→ Meteor→ Agnea's Arrow (Reason) and Heal→ Fortify and Nosferatu→ Abraxas→ Silence (Faith). His uniform design is meant to resemble that of a circus ringleader. Without wanting to, I think the combo of black, gold, and green makes him look like Loki, his favorite supervillain.

Theodore Eugene Barrington

  • Age: 16
  • Strengths: Lance, Riding
  • Weaknesses: Reason, Faith
  • Crest: Daphnel (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Soldier, Cavalier, Paladin, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord

The Black Eagles have Ferdinand. The Blue Lions have Sylvain. And the Golden Deer have Lorenz. Whom do the Jade Peacocks have? THEODORE EUGENE BARRINGTON! He flirts with every girl he sees, only to be rejected time and again. The one girl who tolerates him happens to be his childhood friend Kaori, who has a strong no-nonsense attitude. He is best buddies with Emmett, and also knows Blair since preschool. His uniform design is basically just a mix of Sylvain and Felix’s uniforms, with a hair color closer to Ferdinand.

Kristoff Schneider

  • Age: 15
  • Strengths: Brawl, Axe, Heavy Armor
  • Weaknesses: Sword, Lance
  • Crest: Ernest (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Fighter, Brawler, Grappler, Brigand, Armored Knight, Fortress Knight, War Master, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord

Kristoff Schneider serves as the “heavy weapons” or “tank” member of the Jade Peacocks, despite his smaller stature and lack of muscle (much like Caspar). Like Raphael from the Golden Deer, he loves eating, but he doesn’t limit himself to meat. I wanted his uniform design to be just a hoodie and pants, since we don’t see any character in-game with just the blue hoodie without the jacket, so I decided it would have the Garreg Mach motifs on the collarbone. Also, I wanted loose pants on a non-magic male student aside from Claude.

Tae-Hyun Kwon

  • Age: 17
  • Strengths: Bow, Sword
  • Weaknesses: Axe, Flying
  • Crest: Indech (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Fighter, Archer, Sniper, Bow Knight, Assassin

Tae-Hyun Kwon is the archer of the Jade Peacocks. He is taller than his archer counterparts (Bernadetta, Ashe, and Ignatz), save for Claude. He aspires to be a pop singer, be it a solo artist or part of a boy band. Enrolled alongside him in the Jade Peacocks class is his littler sister, Tae-Yeon and they both share a Minor Crest of Indech. His uniform design is just Ferdinand’s but without the cravat/ascot and gloves, and the sword is strapped around the waist instead of carried on a cross-body strap.

Blair Theone Baudelaire

  • Age: 15
  • Strengths: Sword, Axe, Authority
  • Weaknesses: Bow, Lance
  • Crest: Goneril (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Myrmidon, Fighter, Brigand, Mercenary, Warrior, Swordmaster, Hero, Dancer

Blair Baudelaire is the “bodyguard” for Emmett, and a longtime childhood friend of him, along with Theodore and Kaori (the latter of which is her bestie). She is very stylish and trend-foward, as seen in the fact that she likes to accessorize with jewelry and hairbows (she has the same bow on the other side of her head). As a dancer, she can use a little magic; progressions are Fire→ Bolganone and Blizzard→ Fimbulvetr (Reason) and Heal→ Nosferatu→ Aura (Faith). Her uniform is based on Dorothea’s but with the white shirt and white boots (I tried to make her more of a combo of Dorothea and Hilda by giving her the crest of Goneril and having her be the house leader’s bodyguard).

Kaori Murasaki

  • Age: 15
  • Strengths: Reason, Lance
  • Weaknesses: Axe, Brawl
  • Crest: Noa (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Monk, Mage, Warlock, Gremory, Mortal Savant, Valkyrie

Kaori Murasaki is the main “mage” for the Jade Peacocks. She is childhood friends with Emmett, Theodore, and her bestie, Blair. With her no-nonsense personality, she is also the only girl to tolerate Theodore’s flirting antics. She uses what I call the “Miasma” line of spells; her magic progressions are Miasma Δ→ Luna Λ→ Banshee Θ→ Dark Spikes Τ→ Hades Ω (Reason), and Heal→ Nosferatu→ Abraxas→ Warp (Faith). Her uniform design is combination of Hilda and Marianne’s, but with a slight 1950s flair in the skirt shape and the polka-dot scarf around her neck (Kaori was created with a flair for all things vintage and retro, and I really wanted that to be part of her uniform despite the medieval fantasy setting).

Tae-Yeon Kwon

  • Age: 15
  • Strengths: Faith, Bow
  • Weaknesses: Axe, Heavy Armor
  • Crest: Indech (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Monk, Priest, Bishop, Gremory, Archer, Sniper

Tae-Yeon Kwon is the younger sister of Tae-Hyun Kwon, and she is the healer of the Jade Peacocks. She’s considered a “chuunibyou” character with a magical girl persona of her own making, which she calls “Magical Healing Battle Nurse Tallulah”. She uses this persona on the battlefield, waving her toy wand whenever she heals her teammates. She and her brother share not only a Minor Crest of Indech, but a desire to become pop stars. Tae-Yeon likes bunnies, flowers, and desserts, and is best friends with Soleil. Her magic progressions are: Heal→ Physic→ Rescue and Nosferatu→ Aura→ Seraphim (Faith) and Wind→ Cutting Gale→ Excalibur and Sagittae→ Agnea's Arrow (Reason). Her uniform design is a mix of Annette (boot style, cross-body purse), Lysithea (wide sleeves and white boots), and Marianne/Linhardt (cape), with a few additions of her own (striped tights and white/pink hat).

Soleil Marina Walker

  • Age: 15
  • Strengths: Lance, Sword, Flying
  • Weaknesses: Brawl, Riding
  • Crest: Cichol (minor)
  • Ideal Classes: Soldier, Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier

The Black Eagles have Petra. The Blue Lions have Ingrid. And the Golden Deer have Leonie. Whom do the Jade Peacocks have? Soleil Marina Walker. She is the “tomboy” character of the class; but unlike her counterparts, she is not very focused and no-nonsense, but scatterbrained, silly, and hyperactive. She is very active and flexible, often practicing swimming and acrobatics (she is named after the Cirque du Soleil), and speaks with a high-pitched Cockney British accent and dialect, often nicknaming both friends and random strangers “love”. Soleil is besties with Tae-Yeon. Her uniform is somewhat made to look like that of Petra, Leonie, and maybe Hilda, but with Raphael’s suspenders to make her skirt a jumper skirt, and apparently Ashe’s style of boots. She’s also the only female in the class to carry a sword, albeit a short one.

Now you're probably wondering why the house mascot is a peacock. There is a little story behind that; one of my ideas for As Seen on TV! was that their school, Suburbia Academy, would have a uniform with a peacock palette. I've tried brainstorming other palettes just in case that one doesn't work. The other reason is that I had the idea to have Emmett own a pet peacock of his own. Here's their banner.

And hypothetically, if you wanted to know...

S-Support with Male Byleth: Blair, Kaori, Tae-Yeon, and Soleil

S-Support with Female Byleth: Emmett, Theodore, Kristoff, and Tae-Hyun

(NOTE: I ONLY do male/female pairs; please do not bring any shipping discourse of any kind in the comment thread)

So, hope you like my OCs cosplaying Fire Emblem. As usual, only G-Rated feedback is appreciated, and stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel.
Please do not copy/edit/steal/repost! Also, ask me before using my OCs; I can refuse requests, especially if they involve shipping.
OCs and "Jade Peacocks" © of me
Fire Emblem © Nintendo and Intelligent Systems
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Suburbia? Do I smell a hint of Time Travel here? But I like your ideas so far.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

Actually, this is from an original story of mine that doesn't have time travel. In the description, the scenario is that they're kids who start up the game on the Switch and get transported through their club room TV into the game world, with Sothis bestowing crests on them to survive in game.

Glad you like the Jade Peacocks! Now I just need to work on their timeskip designs.

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So basically, in their eyes, it's Jumanji.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

I didn't think of it that way, but wow! That totally works!

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When it comes to creating characters and stories, I think you have a great mind. I'm also planning to be an aspiring writer myself. As well as actor.

Would it be alright if I shared some of these new characters I came up with? Any feedback or critiques would be needed if I want to go into this field.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you very much.

And I would like to see what you've made. I could just browse your gallery too.

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I'm not exactly an artist, but I'm more of a writer per say.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

That's okay. =)

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