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The ELITE Fraternity

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After days of deciding the designs I would come up with... behold, the most elite fraternity of all has arrived...


I'm just so glad to finally get all the frat/sorority portraits done. *whew* I may consider doing more MU characters in the future, but for now, I might take a break and do other characters, including a comic I drew a while back.

So, without further ado, I shall present these preppy frat boys.

From left to right:

- Javier Rios
- Chip Goff
- Chet Alexander
- Johnny Worthington III
- Randall "Randy" Boggs :heart:
- Reggie Jacobs

As you can see, I tried to make them a bit more fancier-looking than Jaws Theta Chi (except Reggie). Some of you may remember that I attempted three of the ROR boys as aliens in my storyboard assignment, but I decided to update them for this portrait. I originally imagined Chet bald, but I then I thought it wouldn't fit the preppy, cool guy image of this fraternity. Javier is one of my fave designs in this piece, mainly because of the ruffled shirt he's wearing (I have actually nicknamed this character the "Macho Insect Man").

And yes, I am aware that sweet little Randy-Cakes does not wear glasses when he joins the boys, but he just looks so cute in them, and some promo art and merchandise feature him with both the glasses and the sweater, so I just decided to put them back on him.

And... here's the actual portrait:…

So... Hooray for me!!! I've got them all done. Hopefully, just like the Katy Perry tune, you can hear them ROAR, louder than a lion, cause they are the champions, and you're gonna hear then ROAR!!!

*My Spotify player kept advertising that song, and all I could think of was Sulley, and Roar Omega Roar...:O_o:*

Art © of me
Roar Omega Roar © Disney/Pixar
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MissRavenFazbearHobbyist Digital Artist
I think Johnny is the best. (I think he's the hottest out of the bunch.)

*Notice me Johnny-Senpai*
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mosaladmosideboobsStudent General Artist
I like the idea of Chip as the "token black guy"
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s233220Hobbyist General Artist
Love it! Chip is my favorite member btw. I like how he poses just to look tough!

Also, I really like how you do humanized versions of the MU characters. Think of it as MU's equivalent to "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls".Or should I say, since the main characters are guys, "Monsters University: Monstropolis Dudes"! ;) (Wink) 
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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! :love: I've got the other frats and sororities around my gallery as well.