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Re-Design Sheet: Jane Reaction

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After slacking on this one a while, here's a re-design of Jane Reaction from Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time (also appeared in ThinkQuick Challenge)

PC Game Canon:

Jane Reaction is a nuclear chemist working for V.I.L.E. in Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time She is recognizable by her bright red hair and yellow nuclear hazmat-ish suit. In the game, she is arrested on two back-to-back missions: stealing the Gutenberg printing press (arrested by Ivan Idea) and sabotaging Inca counting systems in medieval Peru (arrested by Ann Tickwittee). She also makes an appearance in the game Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge, where she is one of six master thieves (the rest of the cast is different in that game), has a nuclear lab lair, and can be arrested multiple times.

Headcanons of my own:

Jane Reaction is the only other member on the Time Travel team besides Dr. Belljar to be from the present day instead of the past like all the others. Like Dee Cryption, she doesn't like to be bothered when working with her experiments. Not much of a backstory to her, other than she's a mad scientist is all. Honestly, I'm surprised she and Dr. Belljar haven't met other mad scientists in CS canon, such as Dr. Depth, Ferda Lyzer (Math Detective), Dr. Ima LeZaarde (Word Detective, ThinkQuick Challenge) or Dr. Saira Bellum (Netflix series). Then again, VILE is a huge criminal empire, so the possibility of them all meeting at once does seem a little unlikely.

For my re-design of Jane Reaction, I just mish-mashed a lot of different character inspirations; some are pretty obvious, while others I have to explain so you can see them better. For starters, her new suit is loosely based on the Vishkar/Architect Legendary skins for Symmetra in Overwatch, with a bit of Moira (also OW) in her bio-heal/drain attachments in her gloves (wow, that's the second character design I make with a Moira reference, and she also has red hair!). Her main weapon, is [super obviously] taken from Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, who had that purse than makes chemical paint balls. Basically, Jane is Honey Lemon but with an edgier, punk-rock aesthetic than a cutesy aesthetic. Finally, this is a bit more subtle, but her hair shape is very loosely based on that of Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia; the main difference being that Momo doesn't leave any hair on her forehead. Well, both of them would also be very well-versed in molecular structure, since one needs to know them for science experiments, and the other to materialize objects with her quirk.

I've been thinking of dropping some of these characters into a Fire Emblem: Three Houses AU. Jane would likely specialize in Reason, alongside Medeva and Jacqueline, but have bow as a weapon. This is what I imagine their Reason progressions to be:

• Jane Reaction: Miasma Δ → Mire Β → Swarm Ζ → Death Γ → Dark Spikes Τ
• Jacqueline Hyde: Miasma Δ → Swarm Ζ → Banshee Θ → Luna Λ → Hades Ω
• Medeva: Fire/Thunder → Bolganone/Thoron → Ragnarok/Bolting

So, that's that for Jane Reaction. Unitl then, G-Rated feedback is appreciated, and stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel!
Please do not copy/edit/steal/repost!
Jane Reaction © Broderbund, Learning Company, and Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt
Redesign © of me
Inspirations (besides Carmen Sandiego) © Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and Kouhei Horikoshi/Studio Bones
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The-Sparkly-SpycarHobbyist General Artist

Awesome redesign work! ^^

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you so much!

BTW, have you every played any of the Carmen Sandiego games?

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The-Sparkly-SpycarHobbyist General Artist

You're quite welcome!

Sadly, no. My only experience with the fandom at this point has been from the current animated series and all the enjoyable fanart and headcanons of yours. I imagine I would enjoy them, though. I already enjoy diving into history and culture, and the world and characters surrounding the game look like they'd make it extra fun! I wonder if they'll ever update the games for modern PCs on one of those gaming sites like STEAM (I think that's what it's called, anyway. I've only looked there for older Star Wars games).

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

I really wish they were on Steam. I really wonder why the current owners of the franchise haven't allowed them to be ported and updated for Steam. I mean, if Humongous Entertainment can have Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, and Spy Fox up there, then Carmen Sandiego can surely make it too (and other 90s PC edutainment favorites such as JumpStart or ClueFinders)

Oh well, one can only hope.

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Nice design; I like how the hair is more contained, yet still somewhat wild

Also, I have a pretty good idea why Jane and Dee prefer being alone:

Both are probably the only ones good at their respective jobs (briefly thought Dr. Belljar would be involved, but he's more of an inventor than hacker or chemist), but there's a personal reason too.

I imagine that a certain pink-haired member of the team may have messed with one of Dee's computers at one point (kind of like Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory)

Jane's reasons are most likely safety-related since there's a lot of toxic chemicals involved with her experiments

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

Those are some funny ideas!

And I'm glad you like the redesign.

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