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Randy relaxing after a long day

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Seriously, I need to draw more of his humanoid form. Been doing little doodles of my parody in a coloring book, and I do hope to scan those in soon.

So, here's Randy, ending the day with a nice, relaxing soak in some warm water, and some toys to play with. The bathroom design here is one I made up for the dorm he shared with Michael. I've already mentioned in the last doodle I colored that he (Randy) relaxes with anything that gives him warmth for his cold-blooded biology; his preferred methods being bathing, hot springs, and kotatsu. Speaking of which, I've been wanting to make some kotatsu-themed drawings with these characters, but I wanna figure out a good idea and concept first before I just draw people sitting at a kotatsu and then it's just plain boring.

And yeah, Randy plays with bath toys. I added them to make him seem more childish and innocent (this takes place before he joined Roar Omega Roar). I also thought they added a bit of humor, being that he's a college freshmen, and here he's practically acting five. =D

So, that's pretty much it for this drawing. I've got another Randy sketch to color, this time cooking. Hope to start it soon. And constructive criticism is always welcome!

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Oh, how precious. :love: I love this! And I'm really excited about the Randy cooking sketch. :) Yay! :heart:
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You're welcome!