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And... I ended up coloring in this handsome sketch today. :roll:

So, here's my human Randall Boggs, in all his "Amethyst Bathed in Pure Moonlight" glory. He is presented in the outfit in which I introduce him in my fan fiction:

(Excerpt from Chapter Two of Michael and James: Energy Harvesters!!)

...At that moment, that's when their answer was revealed. Right before the two friends eyes, a young man materialized as the camera pans from his snakeskin loafers and argyle socks, up his tailored pinstripe pants, damask waistcoat vest, and dotted shirt, topped with a chevron-printed velvet tailcoat, and accessorized with a fade-dye snakeskin tie, shimmering cufflinks, and leather bindings with chains hanging from his hips and wrists. His face was pale yet delicate as the high-resolution graphics in the Final Fantasy games, adorned with emeralds for eyes and crowned with flowing hair, which was a brilliant iridescent purple as the rest of his wardrobe, but gathered in a ponytail that swirled blue at the end, and three magenta-tipped cowlicks stood up above his head. He stood on the bench that Michael had been sitting on; his hands neatly folded behind his back. This fine-looking man was named Randall Boggs; the only person formidable enough to challenge James' reputation as the top energy harvester, and also the most attractive person alive, according to a popular celebrity magazine.

The only thing different from the description is the pose, but it still works with him.

A few notes (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!):

The reason he is wearing so many varied patterns (I actually had a layer group within a layer group for that) is because he can blend into many patterns, so why not style his fashion according to his powers?

And speaking of powers, you probably already know that he has two major powers: chameleon camouflage and shapeshifting (basic kaiju ability to transform into a creature). However, some kaiju are sometimes capable of taking a random item and transforming it into a magical weapon. In Randall's case, he usually takes a leather binding from his hips and transforms it into his signature weapon, the "Lizard Whip" (トカゲ ホイップ - Tokage Hoippu), which resembles a tree monitor lizard's prehensile tail, but unlike a normal whip, it emits amethyst flames that can shock an opponent.

And if you wanted to know, James' weapon is the "Sullivan Blade of Roaring Justice", Michael's weapons are the "Wazowski Crystal Pistols", and Roz can transform her pen and clipboard into a sword and shield. Again, those may not show up until future chapters, but just to let you know if I decide to draw those.

So, to all my watchers, I hope you all enjoyed this gorgeous fellow. As always, feedback is much appreciated! :heart:

Humanoid form © of me
Randall Boggs © Disney/Pixar
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Now that's one cool cat! I dig his whip weapon! :)

What is that groovy font in the background?
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

There are actually two fonts being used. One is "FontDinerDotCom Loungy" (, and the other is "Action Is" ( The text is warped  using a Mesh Warp tool on Paint Shop Pro.