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After being lazy and ignoring doing a background (actually it wasn't laziness, but me writing some brainstormed ideas for a novel on Microsoft Word), I finally finished the last in the "Buy N Large School Uniform Series".

So, here's human WALL-E and EVE (human names are Wallace Cooper and Evelyn McCrea), holding hands, which I'm not really good at. You Tried  (hopefully I improve someday)

Okay, time to share an interesting take. I'm probably the only person on the net that thinks this, but does anyone see WALL-ExEVE (is the ship name WALL-EVE or W-EVE?) as basically a robot version of AniDala with a happy ending? I'll mention the comparisons, though they are kinda subtle.

• Both the males of the ships are from "desert" worlds (In Anakin's case, Tatooine. In WALL-E's case, a future deserted Earth), and like to collect/work with junk, and are good at repairing.

• Both the females of the ships are "love at first sight" encounters from more pristine, pretty places (In Padmé Amidala's case, she's from the picturesque planet of Naboo, while EVE is from the clean and pristine Axiom, which is more like Coruscant on a cruise ship). Also, both are blaster-wielding females.

• Both the romances have scenes where the couple has a carefree and cutesy playtime of sorts. In WALL-E, I'll say the "Define Dancing" scene with the fire extinguisher outside the Axiom. As for Anakin and Padmé, the closest scene would be them frolicking in the Naboo meadow, rolling together in the grass and laughing (from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones). I just think those scenes have such a similar vibe to them IMO.

These are just the basics, since the couples have drastically different fates. Y'all know how well AniDala went (and that's why there's such a thing as AU fanfic). Roll Eyes  WALL-E and EVE had their obstacles, and just when EVE thought she lost WALL-E forever, she was able to bring him back with her kiss, and they end up happy. :D (Big Grin) 

So, not much more to say. Hope you guys like WALL-E and EVE as human school kids. And stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel.
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yes i ship it~

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Thanks! Glad you like them.

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