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I know I wanted to work on other characters... but I'm just so all over MU right now, that I just had to do these guys.

So, here's Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson, the hosts of the Scare Games.

For their designs, I thought of this time having Claire's hair only partially cover her other eye, since she is (in monster form) triclopic, rather than cyclopic, and Brock does indeed have horns (some monsters in humanoid form can transform their horns into hair, like Violet Steslicki of Slugma Slugma Kappa, while other such as Sulley and Johnny can't)

In my opinion, they seem pretty accurate. Also, I believe Brock's horns may be slightly based on that of an Ibex sheep:…

Hope you all like them! I've got so many MU/MI based ideas I wanna draw so much...

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Lol, I love this duo, they're total opposites. :) Also, interesting real-life inspiration for Brock's horns!
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Thank you very much!!! Although the teams are what steal the show for most of the scare games, these two deserve some credit for their commentary. =D