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Debate Club Profile: Orville

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So, I'm back with these again. But at least here's anoter addition to the Debate Club... Orville Tavin!

NAME: Orville Fréderic Tavin
AGE: 38
BIRTHPLACE: Paris, France
AFFILIATION(S): Global Republic, Debate Club
ALIAS(ES): Party Monster
CATCHPHRASE(S): "Born 2 Party!", "Let's get this party started!"

BIO: Orville Tavin is the senator of France in the Global Republic. In spite of the war with the Confederacy, he's rather indifferent to the whole mess, and prefers to live like he usually does; by throwing lavish parties at his Upper East Side penthouse with other wealthy senators. He does attend galas other than his own; namely the ones thrown by the Debate club executives. Tavin is also known for his immense appetite, and is considered a very well-nourished senator.


- Although not pictured here, Orville is often surrounded by an entourage of female assistants with colorful twin tails. He's has assistants with red twin tails, blue twin tails, green twin tails... you get the idea. They're basically all re-colors of Alycia with fancy designer clothes.
- I once drew a head shot of Orville, but he didn't have a top hat. His source character also made it hard to style his hair without giving him ponytails.
- In one adventure, he is seen having dinner with some senators and dignitaries who wish to remain neutral and not have their countries turned into battlefields for the Republic and Separatists. The host of that dinner was the duchess of Hungary, who is firmly committed to neutrality.
- Tavin once had to deal with sending supplies to his people (namely a band of freedom fighters) to liberate them from Separatist control. Please don't ask me to design a Cham Syndulla counterpart for now; I have no idea how to approach him.
- Despite his jovial attitude, Orville has often found himself in unfortunate situations. He was once used by a bounty hunter as a hostage trade for a crime lord in a Manhattan municipal prison.
- He has a fear of spiders (who doesn't, really?)
- Sidonia Palpatine finds him to be a very "cuddly" senator.

So, that's Senator Tavin for you guys. If you can figure out his TCW counterpart, please post it in the comments. As always, stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel.
Please do not copy/edit/steal/repost!
Orville Tavin © of me. Inspiration © Disney/Lucasfilm, Ltd.
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He looks spiffy.

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Thanks! Glad you like him.

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Me too. Very decent dude.