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Catherine and Shamir

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This is probably my last FE: Three Houses fanart for a little bit. Or maybe not.

So, here's Catherine and Shamir (it's be so long since I recruited them, that I forgot it Shamir is pronounced SHAH-Meer or SHAY-Meer). These two are actually pretty funny and cool at the same time, since from their support and occasional monastery convos I see that they work together well like "buddy cops". Probably gonna only get them to B support since I kinda want Catherine to A-support Seteth. I know, she technically has an ending with Shamir in that they become a crime-fighting duo (NOT a marriage like many shippers would believe; please don't bring any shipping discourse into the comment thread), but I think Catherine and Seteth (which actually ends in marriage) would be funny given the opposing personalities, much like Manuela and Hanneman, or Ingrid and Sylvain.

I don't know, I just have lots of fun taking fantasy world characters and making them modern designs. Though on the other side of the coin, I really want to draw some of my OCs in the Garreg Mach uniform and give them their own house.

Anyways, hope you like my modern versions of Catherine and Shamir, and as always, stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel
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Catherine and Shamir © Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, and Chinatsu Kurahana. Fanart © of me
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