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Cast of Michael and James: Energy Harvesters!!

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Ok, I admit it...I love these characters!!!

So, I finally decided to do the characters from my Monsters, Inc. parody, titled Michael and James: Energy Harvesters!!, and although I have drawn Mike and Sulley a while ago, I decided to draw them in their employee attire this time, since I already drew them in OK mode.

You can probably guess already who these characters are. However, I'll tell you a bit about my adaptation.

-In my version of the story, all the characters are humanoid, but can shapeshift. They are a race known as the "Kaiju" (Japanese word for monster)

-Usually, their monster forms are only used for Scaring and other occasions when their extra strength is needed (such as football games).

-Scarers are referred to as "Energy Harvesters", while their assistants are termed "Portal Summoners". Energy Harvesters must wear comfortable work clothing (active wear works best), with a company sash, ID tag, and wireless wrist cuffs that let their respective assistants know if there's an emergency. Portal Summoners, on the other hand, wear jumpsuits, boots, gloves, and hard hats.

-There is a prophecy that states that a child from the "realm of the sun" (Earth) will set foot on the "realm of the moon" (the Kaiju world), and save the Kaiju from darkness with a gift of "New Light". The reason that Earth is the realm of the sun is because daytime is when humans are active, and their world is the "realm of the moon" because monsters are active at night on Earth. Also, just like the waterbenders in A:TLA, Earth's moon increases a monster's scaring power, depending on the phase.

And so, that's that. One more thing: the characters have written their names in katakana. If you have a "Character Map", and unicode-based fonts, you can pick out the syllables and get their pronunciations. =D

I might do some more cast members another time, because these aren't the only four. We've also got Rosalyn, Henry, the Fanatic Janitors, Jeffrey (the one who speaks like Yoda) and Mariko. On a final, unrelated note, tere's a J-Pop song I've discovered a while back that I think can be a good theme song for Energy Harvesters!!; "Perfect Area Complete", by Natsuko Aso:…

As always, feedback is welcome!!!

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What they're based on © Disney/Pixar
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