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C.I.N. Profile: Anya

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You've waited... and here they come... the profiles for the Confederacy of Independent Nations! So first up, here's Anya Ventsky.

NAME: Anya Ventsky
AGE: 27
AFFILIATION(S): Confederacy of Independent Nations (C.I.N.), Order of Sinister, Ignominious, Treacherous Haters (S.I.T.H.)
ALIAS(ES): "Femme Fatale"
HYPOTHETICAL VOICE: None right now (a Russian voice would work well)
CATCHPHRASE(S): "You Goody-Two-Shoes all disgust me!", "Ugh, J.E.D.I. Losers!"

BIO: Anya Ventsky was born in a small village in Siberia, where she was discovered by a wandering man (apparently from the J.E.D.I. Academy) who took her under his wing and trained her to use her powers for good. Unfortunately, this man was killed and she turned evil, avenging the death of her teacher. For a long while, she wandered on her own in Third-World Countries until another man discovered her: Count Vladislav Tyrone Dookula of Serbia. He saw in her potential...nefarious and evil potential, and she pledged herself to the secession movement known as the Confederacy of Independent Nations; a movement against the internal corruption of the Global Republic. However, this Confederacy has a dark secret behind it; its heads are members of a secret, shadowy order known as the Order of Sinister, Ignominious, Treacherous Haters (S.I.T.H.). The Count is part of this order, and goes by the name "The Tyrannical Tyrant", and Anya has also pledged her allegiance to it, despite not earning an "evil" name as of yet. As Dookula's personal assassin, she is sent to various battlefields to carry out diabolical deeds and score victories for the Confederacy. Anya is deadly and powerful, slashing her way through the battlefield with her pair of red-bladed lightsabers.


- No one knows much about Anya's past. However, somehow she knows she's from Siberia, despite being taken from that place as an infant.
- Anya's hairstyle is meant to be "rebellious".
- She has shown interest in Obadiah Kenoly. Of course he doesn't like her because he thinks she ugly, and also because she's evil. Also, his heart belong to a certain Hungarian Duchess...
- Anya and General Doleful are constantly practicing their evil laughs. So much so that Señor Senior Sr. would be proud of them.
- Although Anya is Dookula's pride and joy, The Insidious One is not too fond of her and her growing powers.
- She aspires to start a modeling agency for villainesses like herself.
- One adventure she stars in has her and Grandmaster Yo Fu Wei showing off their respective armies to an African King to see what side he'll pick in the war. Of course, Wei-Sensei's army wins.
- Despite not having an official S.I.T.H. name like "The Tyrannical Tyrant" or "The Insidious One", she's tried to brainstorm some of her own. Some of her "creations" include "Diabolical Diva", "Sinister Siren", "Vile Vixen", and "Nefarious Nymph". Her choices have been limited, due to the existence of more legendary members such as "Revenant Revanchist", "Malicious Malady", "Baneful Bane", and "Plaguing Plague" (that last one inspired a limerick). The S.I.T.H. Order doesn't usually repeat names.

So, that's Anya! As always, G-Rated feedback is encouraged, and stay tuned, 'cause you're watching Stephanie's Channel!
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Inspiration © Disney and Lucasfilm, Ltd.
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Underestimate her at your own peril. She once scarred Anatole Spacewalker and even disarmed Obadiah.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

Yup, she's dangerous alright!

Actually, Anatole's scar is healed, but he just likes to wear the bandage on his face as a fashion statement.

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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Really now? I should like to see that.

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MU-Cheer-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist

It's on his profile sheet right here.

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