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Britney's Initiation

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After a while, here's some new art!

I actually just watched MU this morning, since I wanted to show it to my grandmother (who had not seen it before today). But onto this piece, anyway:

I started it a few months ago, but was stuck with the background. Got it done last night, and I am quite pleased with it.

Basically, since we've only seen OK's initiation, why not the others? *psst, that's why fanart exists =D*

I have seen some initiation art and fanfics for ROR, but many seem stupid or boring IMO, and I've heard of some that even do cross the line into NC-17 territory on (not gonna read that garbage!) So I decided to do one for PNK (this is mainly an excuse to draw pink initiation cloaks). Probably their initiation is something like having to spend a night in a room filled with a thousand perfumes. =)

And if you can't tell, Taylor is one the left, and Crystal is on the right.

Oh, one more thing to mention! In my version of the story, female monsters in humanoid form may appear to have makeup/minimal body paint all the time, but this isn't true. They naturally have pigmentation patterns on their eyelids, lips (sometimes their cheeks), back, beneath their arms, and hips/upper thighs that are their true colors in monster form and just spread all over their body in transformation. Males also have the pigmentations, but not on the face; only the body (this was because I thought that Michael and James would look SUPER DOWNRIGHT STUPID if they appeared to have cosmetics on their lovely, manly faces, even though it's their natural biology, so that's why natural facial pigmentation is only a female thing is this story).

Hope you like it!

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I believe you meant "Good Job" on them. =) In that case, thank you very much! =D :heart: